A Glimpse into the Mobile Phone History

Cell phone has become a necessity! These days every other person has a cell phone. Cell phones have made our lies easier by allowing us to communicate with others without physically being with the other person.

So how did cell phones evolve? What was once a big ugly black box has now become a fashion symbol or luxury?

Pre-Mobile Phones

In 1946, Swedish police used the first official cell phone. They did it in the same way of radio technology by connecting a phone to the telephone network.

In 1960s the mobile phone technology was already available but the problem then was the ‘Cell Area’ which was the base stations and covered only a small area. So, one can say that mobile phones were not really mobile at that time. But this drawback was resolved by Amos Edward Joel, engineer at Bell Labs. He developed the ‘Handoff System’ which enabled the call to be continued from one area to another without dropping signals.

Due to heavy batteries the earlier cell phones weighed over 80 pounds but later they developed batteries that weighed not more than 20 pounds and were called portable.

The evolution of cell phones started from phones that were installed in cars with out their own battery, but later on batteries were installed in cell phones, cell phones were getting smaller and smaller.

We can categorized the evolution of cell phone by its generations

First Generation

Motorola will always be remembered as the first company to introduce the first portable cell phone. This was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It was about 28 ounces. Its dimensions were 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches. It was like a brick.

Second Generation Cell phones

During the 90s, the cell phones that were used were called 26 or second generation. These work on systems like IS-95 or the CDMA, IS-136 or the TDMA and the GSM. 26 cell phones had a faster network which provided signals. Call quality was also increased. A 2G cell phone ranged between 100 to 200 grams. The weight already included the batteries. There were also developments in the battery technology which made them smaller and smaller

Third Generation Cell phones

Nowadays, we are using third generation technology and the cell phones are called 3Gs. The cell phones used SMS text messages for communication along with the call. 3G phones can also let the user email and access the Internet. Because of the technological advancements, 3G cell phones are also capable of streaming TV shows, radio shows, and using the Wi-Fi.

The Future of Cell phones

The future of Cell phones is called the 4G. We can expect more technological advances in the coming years.

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