Adobe Flash vs. HTML5

As both HTML5 and Flash are related to iPad, they both are in news and online in different blogs and forums. The Apple’s new device iPad doesn’t support Adobe Flash as Apple says that Flash is not reliable, is not secure, has low-performance, doesn’t keep up with the improvements and drains battery life. Use of large powerful apps will drain battery live no matter if you’re using HTML

Almost 70 percent of the high traffic websites uses flash. People seem to resent that Apple has come up with HTLM5. They think Apple is trying to put Adobe Flash out of business. Flash has been around to long, and works to well for it to be that easily replaced.

Flash has come up with Flash 10.1 to answer Apples HTML5 as its option for working with hand held devices. Flash 10.1 it will make possible the use of the standard Bightcove video player. Flash delivers seventy five percent of all online videos. Flash and Flash players are growing smartphones, netbooks and smart books.

Adobe has reacted to the mobile CPU insurgency with Flash 10.0 which is well-organized at preserving battery life, more secure and processes faster and better. Adobe’s future depends on how fast it executes its jobs.

Apple has been working on HTML5 for sometime. It is true we need programs that will make all computers and devices to work more smoothly together. I am not sure HTML5 will be the answer every ones looking for. Apple has been in the process of working all the bugs out since 2004. The project is so large some people say it won’t fully be ready for several more years. However You Tube one of the consumers favorite sites, are using a subset of HTML5. Canvas and offline storage is a working subset of HTML5 that has already appeared on “desktop Web” and mobile Web T.

The HTML5 at this time doesn’t have the power of Flash; it has some program options that may add to the use of PCs and other devices. Canvas is a very good program that when drawing can over lap circles which Flash can’t do at this point. The problem is not where you buy a regular computer or mobile PC that’s using HTML5 or Flash, its lack of a genuine commitment to what the users want. Very few organizations develop products around user needs. Most enterprises don’t care enough about user experience to change their habits.

This doesn’t mean that after HTML5 has been fully developed it will not be used as well. I think there is room for both. I think they will be chosen for what ever work one is doing at the time. Then again there may be something new by the time HTML5 is fully developed. It’s pretty obvious that Flash isn’t going any where soon especially as huge companies have based their business models on what Flash provides.

There will always be new programs and companies looking for better ways to interact with these programs. Technology is growing in leaps and bounds. We the consumer wants to see this continue. So I think most of us will glad to see what direction Flash and HTML5 goes.

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