Apple iPad: A Serious Security Breach Revealed

Apple’s iPad, a new brand in its product line up has already been attacked by hackers.  Some hackers were able to exploit some rather serious security holes in the iPad by using a variation of the iPhone method and demonstrating just how much the two devices have in common.

Not only this, the attacks were completed in less than 24 hours after the iPad was launched.

The hacker were able to install everything from Wi-Fi scanners to even porn (which is prohibited by Apple) through the security hole that was discovered while for now it just allows a remote connection. However, according to some security experts if the hacker is more knowledgeable he could cause more damage.

Worse of all, the security hole can even allow Palm OS applications to run on iPad.

It seems that few iPad owners are hurrying out to buy newspaper subscriptions. Paid Content reports that the newspaper and magazine subscriptions through which the iPad was supposed to change the world, are strangely missing from the lists of most popular paid applications.

There are more than 140,000 mobile apps developed for the iPhone, and the number is growing swiftly. Google and Microsoft have also now entered the mobile phone market with the Android and Windows Mobile 7 mobile phones.

Apple says it’s already shipped 300,000 iPads, but that includes stocking shops and it would be interesting to know just how many are still sitting on shelves.

Some are now saying that it could be a while before we can say if Apple really has created a new computing platform.

In view of this security breach, some of the people that were uncertain to get their iPads over the weekend, maybe this will cause them to rethink if they really need it now rather than later.

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