Beware of Fake Antivirus Programs

Virus Creators and Malware Distributors are always looking for different ways to infect every computer and out of all these one of the best method they are using is by getting inside a user’s system through fake anti-virus softwares.

This method is best because users keep searching for free anti-virus software’s and when they find any of these, they would just move forward for a quick installation of the same. These Softwares would perform everything as mentioned in their installation features except actually scanning your computer and removing the virus from it.

Once installation is done fake anti-virus programs would start reporting you with virus infection alerts, parasite infection on the PC, system scan results which are bogus and show you fake security

Once you pay attention to them they will eventually ask you to buy their paid version, and you will be risking all your important data and information. When someone is notified that unless they don’t purchase the paid version of the software, all the data on their Hard Disk Drive would be lost or get corrupted, hence the normal computer owners would not mind paying a amount of 25 – 50$ range for these kind of tricky applications.

These softwares are distributed through different websites and blogs on the Internet in the form of free scanning tools which computer users instantly download without verifying there source nor the installation files and get tricked with the Fake Anti-Virus (Fake AV) products.

They create false alarms on the user’s computer and instruct the users to upgrade for keeping their computers secure and safe which is only possible by paying some amount of money to these scammer’s.

List of Fake Anti-virus Softwares:

Make a note of this list and try not to download any of these to the maximum extent possible.

1. Antivirus 7
2. CleanUp Antivirus
3. Security Central
4. Security Antivirus
5. Total PC Defender 2010
6. Vista Antivirus Pro 2010
7. Your PC Protector
8. Vista Internet Security 2010
9. XP Guardian
10. Vista Guardian 2010
11. Antivirus Soft
12. XP Internet Security 2010
13. Antivir 2010
14. Live PC Care
15. Malware Defense
16. Internet Security 2010
17. Desktop Defender 2010
18. Security Tool
19. Antivirus Live
20. Personal Security
21. Cyber Security
22. Alpha Antivirus
23. Windows Enterprise Suite
24. Security Center
25. Control Center
26. Braviax
27. Windows Police Pro
28. Antivirus Pro 2010
29. PC Antispyware 2010
30. FraudTool.MalwareProtector.d
31. Winshield2009.com
32. Green AV
33. Windows Protection Suite
34. Total Security 2009
35. Windows System Suite
36. Antivirus BEST
37. System Security
38. Personal Antivirus
39. System Security 2009
40. Malware Doctor
41. Antivirus System Pro
42. WinPC Defender
43. Anti-Virus-1
44. Spyware Guard 2008
45. System Guard 2009
46. Antivirus 2009
47. Antivirus 2010
48. Antivirus Pro 2009
49. Antivirus 360
50. MS Antispyware 2009
51. IGuardPC or I Guard PC
52. Additional Guard

How to Protect from Fake Anti-Virus Softwares:

You can stay protected from these scams by not downloading any of the above listed softwares to your computer and always download only Legit Softwares. Next you need to download and install Remove Fake Antivirus Software (http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/Remove-Fake-Antivirus.shtml) which is a freeware application to remove all the Trojan’s and Viruses from your computer.

Finally it’s recommended to only install any of the following Free Antivirus Applications which are the best ones in removing malware from your computer and keep your computer secured.

1. Spyware Doctor

2. Sunbelt Software CounterSpy

3. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

4. Norton Internet Security

5. Lavasoft Ad-Aware

6. MacScan (for Mac users)

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