Developer’s Perspective: Comparing Firefox 3.7 with Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has recently launched it latest Internet Explorer 9 for only the developers to test and try out its performance. In my point of view Internet Explorer 9 is not a browser yet, it’s like a test drive podium or a platform.

Currently the new Internet Explorer 9 does not have a back button, an address bar and worst of all it has no tabs at all, one would agree with me that this browser is not practical and defiantly not representing the modern usage model for web browsers. The suggestion for Microsoft is to boast new features without the lack of understanding of a full fledged browser — however why address bar, back button and tabs would do that is beyond my understanding.

I believe that it the back button the address bar and tabs that in fact assist the developers to find out if something works. Some of the issues related with multiple tabs open at the same time are the performance and security, with limited option for the developers in the IE 9 test drive, Microsoft is not providing a perfect environment that reflects the real world.

If we compare the latest Mozilla Firefox 3.7 with Internet Explorer and see what they have given to the developers for its test drive one would agree with me that, the approach what Microsoft has taken does not make any sense.
Mozilla has currently launched its Firefox 3.7 for the developers to try out and test all the new features which includes out-of-process plug-in (this is something that Internet Explorer 9 isn’t testing). One can say that Firefox 3.7 is browser that represents the real world modern web browsers as it has tabs, back button and address bar, which eventually allows the developers to see how it will work. And they didn’t try to hide its imperfections by limiting vital features and functions.

I must say that it is a positive step taken by Microsoft by introducing its latest IE9, however having said that they have not provided a transparent development process to the developers in order to find any bugs in the new platform.

In the end I must say that as far as the preview of IE 9 is concerned it appears to be very interesting, however it is not practical in the real world.

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