Difference Between LCD and Plasma TV

The LCD and the Plasma TVs are quite similar and it is hard to tell any difference among both of them, as they both are thin and flat. However the main difference between them is the core technology used in them.


1. In Plasma television two panels of glass contains tiny cells which are filled with noble gas, which is turned into Plasma electrically and excite red, green and blue phosphors to emit different color light.

2. In Plasma Television the refresh rate is much faster than the LCD and thus does not create a visible ghosting effect when the images move faster.

3. Plasma TVs use more electricity than the LCD.

4. The Plasma screens weigh more than the LCD screens.

5. They also produce a lot of heat.

6. One of the biggest Drawback of Plasma TV is the Screen Burn-In, if a static image is displayed on the Plasma screen for a longer period of time than it creates a permanent ghost like image of that image on the screen.


1. In LCD television, there are two transparent layers, one of which is made up of tiny pixels filled with liquid crystals. When these liquid crystals are energized they block certain kind of color from showing and thus create the image. There is a back light in LCD which makes the image visible to the user.

2. Compared to Plasma, LCD has a slower refresh rate, which creates visible ghosting on the LCD screen. For example you must have seeing multiple cursors on the screen, when moving the mouse quickly on an LCD, which is the ghosting effect. However, the latest models have refresh rates closer to Plasma.

3. The weight of the LCD screens is much less than that of Plasma television

4. LCDs also use less electricity.

5. LCD television produces less heat than its Plasma TVs.

6. There is no such thing as Screen burn-in in LCDs.

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