Everything You Want to Know About E-Cigarettes

A few years back, China introduced a new form of cigarettes called “Electronic Cigarettes” and it hit the market all over the world in no time. It came out as an alternative to the old traditional tobacco cigarettes and with a purpose to help smokers to quit their smoking habit.

The electronic cigarette has attracted millions of people around the world who have switched from traditional cigarettes to the e-cigarette, also referred to as the “safe cigarette, the e-cigarette, and the smokeless cigarette”.

Having said that;

According to WHO (World Health Organization) any device that delivers nicotine is not good for you, even if it’s electronic. The World Health Organization has also said that so-called “electronic cigarettes” are not effective and may even be fatal, as reported in US News.

Let’s see what is E-Cigarette? What are its advantages or disadvantages?


An Electronic Cigarette (also known as E-Cigarette or simply E-Cig) looks like a traditional cigarette made from tobacco but actually has just one main thing in common with the real thing: nicotine.

It is believed that the e-cigarettes are healthier than the old tobacco cigarette, the reason is simple it does not produce any harmful materials as there is no combustion which was present in the traditional cigarettes.


1. It gives smokers the same feeling as traditional cigarettes do, furthermore, it Satisfies smoker’s addiction.

2. Helpful for quitting smoking without suffering.

3. Long life time, continuous use by charging the battery and replacing the cartridge.

4. No combustion, No tar, CO and other carcinogenic materials generated by tobacco cigarette.

5. No potential danger of causing fire.

6. Can be used in most of non-smoking place, for no damage of passive smoking.

7. Convenient, No need to light, start to smoke once take it out.

8. Clean, No cigarette smell, No stained teeth.


1. There is no such thing as healthy smoking because you are still inhaling nicotine!

2. It is totally false that it will help in quitting smoking, because one would agree, you have to quit smoking entirely not gradually if you want to become free of cigarettes and nicotine.

E-cigarettes are not healthy because you will still be addicted to nicotine, but on other hand they have some advantage over the traditional ones like: No combustion, No tar, CO and other carcinogenic materials are present and they are less toxic, no smell, no bad mouth smell, no damage of passive smoking.

Note: People who are allergic or has sensitivity to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding, or with unstable heart conditions should discuss the use of an electronic cigarette device with a doctor before using one.

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