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Google voice is one of the most anticipated services offered by Google but it is still not open to everybody. The new service allows you to acquire a universal number that will forward calls to your other numbers for example, your office desk number, your mobile number, your home number etc. You can define rules for re-directing calls and for incoming calls to your Google Voice which will not only save and record your messages on the other hand it will also convert and transliterate it to text, and will finally email you the text. Google has been giving out Google Voice accounts on invite-only basis and you can request for the invite here at http://www.google.com/voice.

You can sign up for the service and can enjoy all the benefits like web based SMS, an online contact list, transcribed voice mail, call forwarding and rules associated with these call forwards and much more, once you have an invite. However this service is only available in US, but if you want to try it in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, you will need a US based number to make it happen. You can follow these steps below to acquire a US based number.

Step 1: Request Invite

Simply request an invitation with your email address. Visit http://www.google.com/voice to get an invite. Don’t get panicked as it will take several days in order to provide you with an invitation.

Step 2: Get a US based phone number

Whenever you receive an invitation and you try to sign up, Google will ask you for your US telephone number to link with your Google Voice account. All the calls you make using Google Voice will be directed to that number. To get such a number you can use one of the following services:

1. Virtual Phone Line – http://www.virtualphoneline.com

2. Skype online phone number – http://www.skype.com/allfeatures/onlinenumber/

Step 3: Make Google Voice account

The email that you receive as an invite from Google will contain the link. Click that link and accept the invite, make an account. While signup process, you will be asked for your US number, give the number you bought in step 2.

Once you have this setup ready, you can get a Google Voice client on your mobile phone and enjoy Google Voice on your cell-phone as well.

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