How to: Translate Text to Other Languages in Microsoft Word 2007?

Communication is the key in bring other cultures and languages together as the world has become a global village. While on the internet we come across many people speaking different languages and we have to face many difficulties in communicating business with them. In order to understand and communicate with them we sometimes translate business documents in to their language to make our point clear or may be in order to learn a student wants to translate some facts and information regarding the history of a specific country.

One would agree that it’s not possible for everyone to acquire a professional translator who could assist them in the matter. In order to overcome this problem there are many word processing programs available in the market. The Microsoft Word 2007 also allows you to cope with this issue. We can use the built in function provider by Microsoft Word 2007 to translate text like any other translation software.

Steps to translate text into other languages using Microsoft Word:

Select the text you want to translate. You can type it there and then or you could paste it from somewhere.

If you need to select the entire document, and if it is very lengthy, you can go back to the “edit” tab and click “select all.” you can also just highlight the entire or part of the text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it across the text you want to highlight or simply press “Ctrl + a” and the whole document will be selected.

Click on Review button on Menu bar.

Click on Translate in the Review tab.

On the right side of the document a task pane will appear. Select which language you would like to translate into or the existing language it is in. see in the image below.

You can get the translation of the same text into different languages instantly as you choose the language under the option of “To”. The selected or highlighted text will be translated in the lower part of the task pane.

If you need to translate the selected text into a language that is not included in the given list, click on Translation options and select the particular language you want.

This is a very handy and helpful feature by Microsoft Word. Nevertheless, there is no alternate for a human professional translator as excellent and significant translation demands conception as well as understanding of artistic quality, cultural references, and talent. So there are chances that the translation done by a computer program will lack depth as well as gist.

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