Laptops Vs Notebook Computers

However, both the Notebooks and Laptops appears to be similar as they both are portable and you can take them anywhere you want, but there are few differences between both of them.

Notebook Computers

Notebook computers are developed and designed to allow you to do computer work while on the move and still offer all the power a mobile users require for entertainment as well as work.

A standard Notebook computer has the following features:

1. The top of the line notebooks can be very expensive.

2. Notebook computers are light weight which allows you to carry it where ever you want.

3. The battery can last up to 4 hours.

4. Low profile which means it is ultra thin.

5. It has a built in modem and a network connection.

6. The screen size is about 12 inches to 14 inches.

7. The internal floppy drive is not present

8. It dose not allow you to utilize DVDs or CDs.

9. It only supports a minimal Graphic subsystem.

10. Its keyboard is just big enough to be functional.

Laptop Computers

As the name suggests, it is a portable unit meant for you to be able to work with while resting on your lap. If we compare it with the Notebook it is quite large and has lots of power with several features.  The design of the laptop gives you all the capabilities of a desktop computer yet remains mobile.

The standard Laptop should have most if not all the following features:

1. Laptops usually are a bigger than notebook computers.

2. They are a little bit heavier than Notebook.

3. Laptops are equip with ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce subsystem

4. It has an internal DVD-RW drive.

5. Integrated modem.

6. It has a Wi-Fi and network capabilities.

7. The battery can live up to 2 hours.

8. It has a large keyboard for your convenience.

9. The screen size is at least 14 inches to 17 inches.

10. You can even upgrade your laptops.

As you can see from the above information, there are many similarities as well as differences that exist between a notebook and laptop. I hope that this might help you.

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