Mobilink Brain Shortage: Sania Mirza Apni Nahin Hai Bhai

I was thinking to write about this step taken by Mobilink. To me it’s one of the stupidest approaches by Mobilink. She is not apni and she clearly denied to be Pakistani Baho and also states that she will be in favor of India if there is a match between Pakistan and India. Then how can she be apni hai? Mobilink needs to think about it. First they got their advertisements directed in India by Indians and have India models and now calling Sania Mirza apni hai. I think Mobilink has gone Indian… I received a write up from Faryal Rehman, Rawalpindi telling the story:

Shoaib again caught media attention for all the wrong reasons. Whether he was married to Ayesha Siddiqui or not is entirely his personal matter and we have nothing to do with it. However, after conceiving and planning ads in India, I think Mobilink should not have resorted to “Ab Sania bhi apni hai” as she has not applied for Pakistani passport so far and blatantly said she would play for India. Then how she is ‘Apni hai” is a question which should have been pondered by telecom giant before issuing such sweeping statements.

Mobilink has been doing such childish tricks in the past as well. The fact is that banking on celebrity’s popularity to grind one’s own axe is not a good omen for the corporate world. Sania does not intend to live in Pakistan. She will reside in Dubai, retain her Indian Passport, play for India and pray for the success of Indian cricket team. How come Mobilink know she is “apni hai”

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11 Responses to "Mobilink Brain Shortage: Sania Mirza Apni Nahin Hai Bhai"

  1. Haniya says:

    lol. Mobilink is really gone mad…

  2. stylo says:

    Yeah Mobilink Advertising Manager Mind is some thing different then Pakistanis or may Us ka dil ha Hindustani 🙂

  3. Originally Posted By stylo
    Yeah Mobilink Advertising Manager Mind is some thing different then Pakistanis or may Us ka dil ha Hindustani 🙂

    ROFL Well Said bro 🙂

  4. umer kayani says:

    this ad is only felicitation.nothng wrng in it..

  5. umer kayani says:

    As a student ov marketng zaher u shud thnk across the boundries..:-)

  6. Haxan says:

    hey dude…. Its natural, she’s an indian and what if she is married to a Pakistani…
    The fame she got by playing as an Indian, how can she leave that, Think possitive….
    Our media, including these posts are influencing the SOOCH of our nation and trying to inclind their minds towards all the possitive aspects….
    GROW up dude.

  7. Haxan says:

    @ Umer…
    I second ur opinion, its a good ad…
    People just suppose that , for a case, we have a tennis female player and an Indian player marries him, so will u be mentally satisfied if she will start playing for India….
    There is nothing bad in it…. try being posstive.

  8. @Haxan – When she clearly said that she has nothing to do with Pakistan at all then how can we say Sania Mirza Apni hai? She is not apni for Heaven sake. I am not against her. She is right but the post is about Jazz calling her “APNI” which is not fair. It doesn’t have to do anything with optimism. It’s just she didn’t even apply for Pakistani Passport. “I married a person, not Pakistan”, she said while talking to media.

    Many people around the world live with two nationalities. Why didn’t she apply for Pakistani nationality. What was wrong in it?

    She is obviously right but Jazz is absolutely wrong with their approach.

  9. Haxan says:

    Zaheer, Tell me one thing, she is married to a Paki, do she need to apply for the Nationality ?
    Think globaly dude.

  10. Mujahid Ali says:

    She is MAGROOR LAILA,Why media have given her so importance?.She will never show any sympathy to Pakistan as she have parents and in laws in IndYAA??????????????????????

  11. Ishika says:

    I can´t believe it!!
    Grow-up dude!!
    World is much more than a war between india and pakistan…
    I´m an indian so what if i want to marry a pakistani..
    What matters is humanity and love between two persons!!
    If a pakistani can marry a forn girl than why not an indian??
    Young generation should support for peace and not to worry about who is calling an indian girl apni!!!
    Really this is ridiculous!!!

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