No PayPal in Pakistan, WHY? And What’s the Alternative?

One of the best and the most extensively used payment system on the Internet is PayPal. People use this service for receiving and sending money between businesses and individuals all over the world. As e-commerce is getting popular everyday, every person whishes to be a part of online business and make money.

Can you imagine that PayPal has left Pakistan behind and our country is not listed in the PayPal’s permitted country list?

I have tried to gather some reasons why we are not listed and forced to use some alternate e-commerce solutions.

1. Absence of International Bank Account Number

One of the prerequisites of PayPal is that it requires International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in order to process each and every transaction. But unfortunately 98 percent of the banks In Pakistan don’t have IBAN number and only 2 percent or may be even less than 2 are using foreign currency accounts which have IBAN.

2. Severe Laws in Pakistan

The second reason is that, if we take a closer look on the Terms of Service of PayPal, it is clearly mentioned that the countries which has a PayPal support should allow its members to receive and send money from all countries around the globe. However, if we take a closer look in the laws of Pakistan; than it is clearly written that Pakistan does not recognize Israel as state or a country and direct transaction with this country is impossible. In addition to this, the scenario is same with the countries like Iran, Syria, and Iraq because they also do not consider Israel as a country.

3. Lack of support to the Local Banks by the peoples of Pakistan

Unfortunately the local banks of Pakistan believe that if PayPal is introduced in Pakistan than people will turn their attention towards the PayPal and they will have to face a big blow and will end up in loss. So the local banks are objecting PayPal in Pakistan.

4. Pakistan has a low Subscriber Base

The policy of PayPal says that they only support those countries which have a high subscriber rate.

Now, the question here arises that if there is no PayPal than what’s the alternative?

Yes PayPal is considered to be one of the most favorable and trusted way for online money transactions all over the world. But there are some other alternative e-commerce solutions available to us. For instance, there is

Western Union.




All of these services have a strong hold in Asia. But they all charge some kind of transaction fee on withdrawing money.

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7 Responses to "No PayPal in Pakistan, WHY? And What’s the Alternative?"

  1. I don’t agree with what you suggested the reasons. How MoneyBookers, AlertPay, 2Checkout, Plimus and many other Payment Processors are carrying out the banking with Pakistani Banks? To me it’s nothing more than a discriminatory decision for PayPal authorities.

  2. I’m using Moneybookers.
    They have very complex procedure to follow for transaction.

  3. Mkk says:

    I am receiving payments through moneybooks.com by selling products.

  4. ectradinghouse says:

    May I suggest the following solution? By using your Moneybooker account, you can purchase Paypal credit with a small amount of transaction fees of 3%.

    For example: If you want to purchase US$100 worth of Paypal credits,

    You will deposit US$103 (3% transaction fees inclusive) worth of MoneyBooker credits and transfer to ectradinghouse’s MoneyBooker account. After the amount is received, ectradinghouse will then deposit US$100 worth of Paypal credits into your Paypal account.

    If you are interested or having any enquiry, do drop me an email at sales@ectradinghouse.com.

  5. I think plimus and 2checkout do process paypal payments for you in Pakistan. They are third party providers. And, to the one person above. Please remember, Pakistan is a country invaded by waderas, mafias and thugs. They are way more stronger than other countries and are resisting liberation, emancipation and change in far more strength than other countries’ corrupt capitalists.

  6. Sana says:

    Amazing article, keep up the good work!!
    Well, i live in Pakistan and i somehow got a verified Paypal account. There is some lady who provides verified paypal account to non-listed countries like South Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. My friends too requested an account, we have been sending and receving money worldwide without any problems. You can mail her and see if she still provides this service.

  7. Ali says:

    Assalam o Alyqum,

    I am using 2Checkout from last 6 months.I would recommend it to any one who needs paypal.
    It is easy to use and you get the money in your bank account with in 36 hours. Your coustomers can pay you through their PayPal, Credit card etc….. So no need of PayPal any more….
    If I can be of any help to you, email me at *****************

    Ali Rao

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