Parents: Protect your Kids from Unsuitable Content on the Internet

Every thing has a dark side and there is a dark side to the WWW (World Wide Web) as well, millions of web pages are uploaded daily on the internet however there is a lot of material that in inappropriate for your children. For that reason let’s see some easy ways to protect your kids from viewing unsuitable material.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to implement any of the following stuff and all the tools are available free via internet.

Automatically Block Adult Sites

In order to block sites with adult content, use an easy service OpenDNS for blocking such sites.


1. Go to “opendns.com/start” from your browser.

2. Choose the “Computer” option (let’s keep it simple). Once your computer is configured with OpenDNS,

3. Go to Dashboard than Settings and than set the Filtering level to either High or Moderate.

OpenDNS filters will match the address of any adult site against their own database of adult’s sites and if a match is found it will block it to open.

Avoid Clicking on Malicious Web Sites

If you perform a search on Google there is a probability that some of the links appearing in the result could be pointing to a harmful or malicious site.

To stop your children from clicking these links, you need ‘Web of Trust’. It is a simple filter that analyzes web page links in the background and adds colored icons next to them so your child cloud know whether visiting the underlying site is safe or not.

Block Selected Websites (like IMs or Social sites)

OpenDNS is great for blocking an entire category of websites however if you are looking to block only selected sites (e.g. Facebook.com or MySpace.com), here’s a tip.

Download and install Hostman software for free and run it than press Ctrl+O to open the hosts file editor. Click the “Add” icon and type the URLs of all the websites that you want to block on the child’s computer. Than click Save and exit.

Safe Search On forever

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and few others allow you to search the web in a safe mode, which will make sure that no inappropriate content is displayed in the result.

Problem: ‘Safe Search’ uses cookies so if the browser cache is clear than it will lose all the preferences.

Luckily, you can force the “strict filtering” option in your browser. How? Let’s see.

For example in Firefox you can type about:config and change the keyword.url value to http://www.google.com/search?safe=active&q= now any searches performed from the address bar will always show “safe” content.

While I don’t recommend using a keylogger program to observe each and every word that your kid is typing, you may want to look at programs like Rescue Time or Slife as they will give you a good outline of how your kids are spending time at the computer.

You get to know what sites are they visiting, how much time they are spending with IM programs, what software applications are they running more frequently and how much time do they spend on individual sites.

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