Steps to Prevent PC Problems

One must say that it is the dream of every computer system owner that their PC will work as proficiently as it did when it was purchased.
However, as your system gets older you start noticing that your PC is becoming slower and slower. Not only this, your computer might have encounter system crashes or rare errors.

Having a good operating system is not enough while dealing with these problems. Though it is true that newer operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista or even Windows XP are less prone to errors but still they might get infected.

In order to keep your PC healthy just follow these simple guidelines to take care of your computer:

Keep your hard disk Clean and Uncluttered

The main reasons why your computer is becoming slow is that your hard disk is unclean and cluttered. For your computer to process and access information faster you need to clean your hard disk on a regular basis. Make use of these two Hard Disk utilities provided in the System tools of your Windows operating system. These utilities are:

1. Disk Cleanup

2. Disk Defragmenter
These utilities will clean and make your hard disk contiguous so that your computer becomes more efficient and prevents PC problems.

Windows Registry should be Clean

The Windows registry is like a database that stores all the critical setting information that your system requires for day to day functioning. Every time a software or hardware is installed or un-installed on your PC, its configuration information is added or deleted to your Windows registry. Many PC errors can trace their root to an unclean and bloated windows registry.

A regular registry scan and repair through a reliable registry scan tool will make your computer faster and less susceptible to PC errors. Some important tools which help you in keeping your registry clean and defragmented are System Mechanics 9, Tune-Up Utilities or Registry Mechanic.

Try to remove unnecessary Programs

Most of the time the applications or the programs which we use get older and obsolete, you should remove all the unwanted or unnecessary programs from your PC because they are just taking up space and may be using your system resources as well.

Similarly, some of the new programs like add-on browser tool bars may make internet surfing slower because these toolbars have a tendency to use a lot of space and make computers slower.

So, to boost the performance of your PC and to improve your Web browsing experience, it is recommended that you uninstall toolbars that you no longer.

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