What is a Search Engine? And How it Works?

Ever wondered how a search engine performs the search process. Search engines are quite complex units. In order to understand their working we have to breakdown search engine processes and see how they work to provide you with your desired results.

What is a search engine?

In simple terms a search engine is a software application or program that searches for the websites based on the words that you provided or typed as search terms. In order to get what you are looking for, search engines searches their own databases of information.

Are Directories and Search Engines The Same Thing?

Web directories and search engines are not the same thing; even though the term ‘Search engine’ often is used interchangeably. Web directories are actually databases of results complied by human. However on the other hand, Search engines without human intervention create web site listings by using spiders that “crawl” web pages, index their information, and most favorably follows that site’s links to other pages. Spiders return to already-crawled sites on a quite regular basis in order to check for updates or changes, and everything that these spiders find goes into the search engine database.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Please note again that search engines are not simple at all. They include incredibly detailed methodologies and processes and are updated all the time. All search engines go by this basic process when conducting search processes, but because there are differences in search engines, there are bound to be different results depending on which engine you use.

1. The searcher types a query into a search engine.

2. Search engine software quickly sorts through literally millions of pages in its database to find matches to this query.

3. The search engine’s results are ranked in order of relevancy.

Examples of Search Engines

There are a TON of great search engines out there for you to choose from. Whatever your search need might be you’ll find a search engine to meet it. Some of the best search engines are Google, Yahoo, EBay, AltaVista and the list goes on and on.

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