What is Blu-ray Disc?

Blu-ray sometimes called as Blue-ray or simply BD is an optical disc storage media format. Some of the main uses of this blu-ray disc are storage of High definition video and huge amount of data storage. The dimensions are the same as of the standard DVD or CD. It is derived from the blue laser that is used to read or write discs.

The 405mm shorter wave length allows it to store more data than DVD format that used 650 mm red laser. The capacity of a 50GB dual blue-ray is six times greater than DVD dual layer.

The association that represents the consumer electronics, computer hardware and motion picture production developed the blue-ray disc. In USA since July 2, 2008, More than 650 commercial films have been released and some 410 titles have been released in Japan.

There was a competition of HD DVD and Blu-ray disc during the high definition optical disc format war but eventually Toshiba announced to no longer manufacture the HD DVD, and the decision was followed by all those who supported HD DVD.

HDTV began to appear in the consumer market but there was no commonly accepted and rather cheap way to play or record the HD content except JV’s digital VHS and Sony’s HDCAM but it was considered that a higher storage density will be enabled by a laser with a shorter length when the blue-ray diodes were invented by Shuji Nakamura, but the commercial introduction was delayed due to some legal reasons.

Two new projects were started by Sony applying UDO and BVR. This was format of rewritable disc which would eventually become the Blu-ray disc. For the protection the earlier discs were packaged in the plastic cartridges because they were very endangered by the contamination and the scratches.

It was in February 2003 when the project was finally announced the Blu-ray disc association founded by nine initial members. April 10 2003 was the first day for consumer’s devices to be brought to stores. It was named the Sony BDZ-S77 and the first recorder BD_RE was a Japanese made device and was only available in Japan.

The price recommended was the US $ 3800 but then there was a lack of the more secure DRM system which was much needed by the pre-recorded videos and the movies and was only available in Japan.

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