How to: Convert JPG to Word

JPG or JPEG is a format that is used to store digital images, mainly of the photographic kind. It uses a form of lossy compression which enables it to utilize comparatively modest sizes with satisfactory results. The depth of compression can be altered to produce more condense images but with poorer quality. This is usually carried out to lower the storage space involved in saving images using this format.

Word or Microsoft Word is a word processor that was produced by Microsoft and is found in the Microsoft Suite. It is used to produce documents that may contain a variety of different formats, including images and graphics. The editor allows users to produce documents that can be stored in any directory on the PC. There have been multiple versions of Microsoft Word with the latest being the 2010 release. Each newer release has offered slight improvements to the word processor. The (.doc) format has come to be one of the most popularly used editors and is the prefered format for most text documents.

It is feasible to convert a JPEG image to Word document with no problems. In addition it will not need any additional software only what is in your standard Microsoft operating system. As a result of the processor’s compatibility with different formats as mentioned before the two can be readily integrated into one document. The file that will be produced is a (.doc) file that may be saved on the computer in any of many directories. As long as you have the JPEG image to convert then carrying out this process will not take a lot of time. All you will need are two programs: Microsoft Word and an Image Editor.

Convert JPEG to Word

  • First open Microsoft Paint. This may be found in the Start menu. Browse until you find [Accessories] and load the program.
  • When in Paint, go to [File] and choose [Open] to search for the image. To make things simpler put the JPEG image in a folder you can easily access.
  • Make any modifications to the file size at this point if that is required. You may scale the image to fit the document you will create.
  • Use the selection rectangular tool to select the areas of the picture you like, this may be all or a portion depending on your needs.
  • When the dotted lines are displayed around the picture right click and choose copy from the drop-down menu and copy the image. Alternately go to [Edit] and select copy there.
  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Click on the [Edit] tab and then select [Paste], the JPEG image should be displayed.
  • When the image is in the document you may modify it if it needs to be smaller. Use the arrows that appear at the corners and sides of the picture to do this using your mouse. It is important to note that stretching the image to make it larger will only distort it. If the image is too small choose a larger JPEG image prior to pasting in the Word document.
  • When you are satisfied with the image you may save the document by using ctrl + s on the keyboard or by going to the [File] tab and choosing [Save]. Type in a file name and save.
  • Your JPEG has been converted and stored.

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