How to Convert RM to DVD

RM files or Real Media files are used prevalently on the internet for streaming several kinds of content. The Real Media format comes complete with the Real Audio codec that is used for sound clips and the RealVideo codec that is utilized for movies. These types of files are generally compressed a great deal to allow dial-up connection users to utilize them. Both audio and video versions of these files will use the extension (.rm). However, while they are useful to have once streaming online they are not compatible with external players. Hence it is crucial for people who do not want to confine their regular viewing to the computer to employ another more playable file format. In this instance selecting a DVD format will be best. This will enable you to use your DVD player to watch these files in a more appropriate setting. However, you should realize that the file size will be larger using a DVD format. In this guide two types of converters will be used to highlight the process these are: RM to DVD Creator for MAC which is created for the MAC OS and Xilisoft Converter that can be used on a normal PC.

Using RM to DVD creator for MAC

  • To start download RM to DVD creator for MAC. Load the file and install it, this should not take a lot of time. Place a blank DVD into the DVD burner.

  • Load the program and immediately click on [Load Video Files] and locate the file that you want to convert.
  • You can modify the display settings to suit your objective. You may alter the aspect ratio using 4:3 or 16:9 this will essentially allow you to produce the DVD in letterbox or full screen mode. There are other settings that can be adjusted here just view the list to see the available choices.
  • You can make a DVD menu that is both useful and attractive. You can alter the colours and even add your own background pictures to formulate a more delightful display. There are also several templates available for use.
  • Select the [Destination] tab to burn the file to the DVD.
  • Start the conversion process and burn to the DVD in one sitting.
  • When it is done test the DVD in an external player.

Using Xilisoft Converter

This is very straightforward and does not require many steps.

  • Load the software.
  • Click on the [Add] tab to load the RM file.
  • In the [Profile Column] choose DVD as the output option.
  • Select a folder to save the file.
  • Click on [Encode] and the DVD file will be created.
  • When it has completed you can burn to DVD and watch in your favourite player.

In both instances the time it takes to make a DVD will vary depending on the computer’s processing power. However, it is possible to pause the process and resume using Xilisoft without having any problems. It is perhaps better to convert to DVD format initially and then burn separately to lower the possibility of error. RM can also be converted to MP3 to achieve better portability.

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