How to Convert WAV into MP3

MP3 is a smaller storage format for music files than WAV. It allows the user the capacity to store a greater portion of music when converted to this kind of audio format. In addition, like WAV, MP3 is compatible with numerous audio players. Converting from MP3 to WAV is not a difficult process and may be carried out using an array of software. Some of these can be found online for free others may be bought. Whichever converter you decide to get learning to use it will be an essential part of the conversion process. Very few converters are complex and most will have the added benefit of better programming that makes the process more straightforward.

For this example iTunes will be used to convert from WAV to MP3. It is free software for MAC OS users and can be obtained from Apple’s website. It is not merely a converter but a media player that will give you the ability to store, organize and convert digital music and video files. Additionally it allows users to sync files, buy music online and burn CDs.

The steps are simple, as mentioned before you will have to get iTunes from Apple’s website. Load the downloaded file on your computer and install it. You are now ready to start the conversion process from WAV to MP3.

    • Load iTunes
    • Then go to the [Preferences] section. To do this on a MAC select the [iTunes] menu and choose [Preferences]. For Windows go to [Edit] and choose[Preferences].
    • Go to the [Advanced] tab found at the top menu and select it. You will then click on the Importing option that is found just below the [Advanced] tab. If you are using the more current version of iTunes, then go to the [GENERAL] tab and then select [IMPORT] from there.
    • You should see a drop down list beside [Import Using] from this list click on [MP3 Encoder]. At this part of the process you can choose the specific preferences you will employ to decode your MP3 file. Go to [Setting] and then select the preferences you prefer. These are:
      • Good Quality (128 kbps)
      • High Quality (160 kbps)
      • Higher Quality (192 kbps)
    • If you are going to be using your audio on the Web then you should use the most compressed file format. To alter the present compression. Go to [Settings] and then choose [Custom]. You may opt to use anywhere between the range of 24 kpbs to 96 kbps dependent on the quality you would like. For music files choose Stereo mode.
    • Click on [OK] and then come out of the [Preferences] window.
    • Now you can select your WAV files. Just go to the library and select the file you would like to use.
    • Once you have chosen these files then you can go to the [Advanced] menu and choose [Convert Selection to MP3 ].
    • The time taken to convert will vary and will depend on the number of files, the settings chosen and your computers overall speed.
    • Once the process is done. You will hear a beep. This will indicate that all files are converted. Each new file will be placed underneath the original file in the library.

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