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Scientific calculators are electronic calculators used to compute a group of complex equations mainly in mathematics, the sciences and engineering. They are used in almost every educational institutions from the junior high school level through to college. Scientific calculators are normally needed for classes and used for standardized test in subjects such as mathematics and other science subjects. An online scientific calculator is basically a digital form of this calculator which can be accessed online in case persons not equipped with a physical calculator.

An online scientific calculator is designed with all the features available on a physical calculator. Some of the websites that you can visit to get an online scientific calculator is encalc.com and web2.0calc.com. What makes a scientific calculator different from a four or five function calculators is its design because it is created with more features than the regular calculators.
Online scientific calculators are much easier for setting up high-end models which have added features that makes it easier to translate the problems from a textbook. There are two different types of scientific calculators, one requires you to insert the digits and then press mathematical operation key while the other, all you have to do is enter the entire problem as it is written in the book, directly into the calculator.The formatting tools will then provide the answer instead of having to calculate it from start to finish.

Online Scientific calculators are used to obtain quick results for certain mathematical functions like trigonometric functions. These equations at one point could only be solved by using tables.
They are also used in situations that require calculating very large numbers which are needed to solve certain problems for subjects like physic, chemistry and even astronomy. Most online scientific calculators have more space to calculate much larger figures when compared to most physical scientific models which use a single-line display.

Many of them have at the very least more digits (10 to 12), at times with additional numbers for the floating point exponent.
Online scientific calculators like its physical counterpart have built in Parentheses and Scientific formulas. Some of the formulas include, calculations like hexadecimal, binary, and octal calculations, including basic Boolean math, complex numbers, fractions, statistics, equation solving and probability calculations. And also other complex formulas like scientific notation which is used for calculating large figures, Logarithmic functions which uses base 10 and base e, Floating point arithmetic, Exponents and roots beyond the square, Trigonometry functions which include hyperbolic trigonometry, constants like pi and e


  • If you are not sure of how to maneuver a scientific calculator, you can retrieve a manual for scientific calculators from the internet.

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