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In the nineties, television broadcasting was boring and restricted in content. Technological advancements improved this when the satellite was invented. More stations could be accessed but it was still restricted to a specific extent. Throughout the years, technology has been improving and innovative ways of enhancing entertainment at large have been created. Nowadays, TV viewing practices has been changed to suit people’s lifestyles. People are now able to watch movies and TV shows on the web at their own time and in their own domain.

Viewers are now being offered superior service and more diversity and they now have the opportunity of fitting their television viewing experience in their agenda. No longer do people miss an episode of their favorite TV program, not when they can pause, rewind and record, or just browse on the internet for the particular show. A new way of improving your TV watching experience is by linking your PC to your TV. It is certainly time to bring the internet to your living room where you can share with the family. Most people do this to obtain access to thousands of movies and TV shows that are stored online.

There are no expensive boxes necessary. All you require is a special PC to TV audio-and-video-in-one cord which is commonly available at affordable prices. It is very easy to attach your TV to your PC, and in turn to the web. By attaching the TV to the PC, anything the PC accesses on the internet, it is on your TV too because the TV functions as a giant screen. You will then be able to lease and watch movies online and avoid the trouble of getting them elsewhere that are less convenient. In order to link your PC to your TV your computer need to be equipped with a video card that has TV-OUT connector. Likewise, your TV should have a TV-IN or a VIDEO-IN connector so that both devices can be attached.


    Another advancement to TV watching experience is the opportunity to watch it live on your computer. Equipment to improve entertainment are being designed and they keep improving. Now, the keen TV watcher can simply purchase a computer TV tuner card that allows signals to be received and interpreted by a computer. These cards also come with the advantage of recording content for future viewing. There are four types of tuner cards available:

    • Analog tuners – these send raw video stream to the computer that is viewed in real time. It cannot be recorded unless it is fitted with some kind of compression.
    • Hybrid tuners – this type acts both as an analog tuner and a digital tuner.
    • Combo tuners – using this type, you can switch between analog or digital. You can also watch in one tuner while recording in the other.
    • Mobile TV – these are made for use on mobile phones.

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