8 Social Networks with Highest Page Views Per Visitor

Internet is used globally and every user has his own preferences regarding websites. We tried to figure out that what kind of websites get the most page views and it is for this reason Pingdom.com examined the top 1,000 websites on the Internet to discover the truth.

Our main focus was on monthly page views per unique visitor. To compute these statistics we made use of traffic data from Google AD Planner, and finally sorted out a top list of page views per visitor. The results are pretty much expected, though still interesting.

Page Views per Visitor Top 10

The following charts contain the top 10 sites in terms of more page views per visitor. These sites are chosen from the top 1,000 sites on the internet.

Sites ranked by monthly page views per unique visitor

# Site Category Unique visitors Page views Page views / visitor
1 orkut.com.br Social network 38,000,000 70,000,000,000 1,842
2 tuenti.com Social network 5,600,000 9,400,000,000 1,679
3 facebook.com Social network 550,000,000 630,000,000,000 1,145
4 vkontakte.ru Social network 26,000,000 22,000,000,000 846
5 hyves.nl Social network 5,000,000 3,300,000,000 660
6 wer-kennt-wen.de Social network 5,500,000 3,000,000,000 545
7 schuelervz.net Social network 5,000,000 2,700,000,000 540
8 meinvz.net Social network 4,100,000 1,900,000,000 463
9 ikariam.com Online games 4,200,000 1,900,000,000 452
10 leboncoin.fr Classifieds 8,200,000 3,400,000,000 415

The top eight results are pretty much expected as these all are social networks.

Although, the numbers of page views per visitor for Facebook are really striking, the Orkut’s Brazilian site has even better than Facebook, according to the Ad Planner data. The Orkut’s Brazilian site has 61% more page views per visitor than Facebook.

Definitely these numbers clearly shows that how popular Orkut is in Brazil, because the page views per visitor for global Orkut site is far less than that of Brazilian Orkut site, i.e. less than one twelfth or 142 monthly page views per visitor. This shows us that only site design is not the issue there are other factors, such as market penetration and demographics that play there role as well.

The data contains another site that surpasses the number of page views per visitors of Facebook. The site is Tuenti or also known as Spanish Facebook.

Another site that bests Facebook in terms of page views per visitor is a social network called Tuenti, sometimes called the “Spanish Facebook.”

Overall Page View Dominance

According to statistics, Facebook didn’t rank on the top in terms of page views per visitor, but it definitely outclasses all the other websites in terms of total page views each month. One major reason for this is that it has large number of visitors. The estimated number of monthly page views of Facebook is around 630 billion.

Keeping in view all the statistics, it is not wrong to say that only Facebook among the top 100 websites on the Internet accounts for 54% of the page views. These measures don’t include the Google search, as it is not included in Google Ad Planner.

All the nine social networks present in the top 100 websites on the Internet including Facebook make up the 65% of the total page views.

Why it Matters

Although, it seems quite awkward to use page views per visitor to measure the site popularity, it is somehow a useful way. If your site is getting a lot of page views from its user, then the things must be going in the right direction for you.

Nowadays, popular sites are a good source of advertisement. These sites serve ads to make money. The more page views mean more and more people are viewing those ads. Many people think that social networks are the ideal advertising driven websites. This might be true to some extent, but in fact these networks focus more on their users’ information than other sites. A sort of addictive type of service inspires users to visit the pages and in turn raises the page views per user in turn.

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