Overview of the Internet State in Europe

In this article we will through some light on the state of the Internet in Europe. This should be done with a focus on two main points, i.e. which countries in the Europe have most Internet users and which countries have the highest penetration of the Internet.

There is still a concept about European Union as being equivalent of the United States for some peoples, but in fact this is not the case. Europe is such a diverse market with large number of countries and different languages. This evidence is enough to look at each and every country separately in terms of their Internet penetrations and users.

The Internet in Europe

Following are given some facts related to the state of Internet in Europe:

  • Germany has the more number of Internet users in Europe, i.e. 65 million.
  • The Vatican City State in Europe has the least number of Internet users, i.e. 93 Internet users with a total population of 829.
  • The total number of Internet users in Europe alone is 475 million; remember the worldwide users are around 1.97 billion.
  • Europe alone holds 24.2% of the world’s Internet users.
  • As compared to United States, Europe has twice as many Internet users.
  • The average Internet penetration across Europe is 58.4%.
  • Ten European countries have more than 10 million Internet users.
  • Iceland has the highest Internet penetration with 97.5% followed by Norway and Sweden. Norway has 94.8% and Sweden has 92.5% Internet penetration. Except these three European countries no other European country has Internet penetration over 90%. United States has 77.3% of total Internet penetration. (internet penetration means the share of the population with internet)

Top Internet Populations in Europe

The following chart contains the list of top 20 countries in terms of Internet users:

The important here to mention is that both Turkey and Russia are only partially in Europe. For instance, Russia covers most of Eurasia.

European Countries with the Highest Internet Penetration

The last chart provides you the in information regarding the Internet population, but here we will talk about internet penetration. Remember, Internet penetration has nothing to do with population size. Internet penetration may be dependant on the infrastructure, and in this sense small countries may lead the larger ones as infrastructure demands are far smaller in scale than large countries.

The studies show that the Scandinavian countries are far ahead in Internet penetration than other European countries. For instance, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are all Scandinavian, holding the top three positions along with fifth (Denmark) and seventh (Finland), which are also Scandinavians.

As we talked above that smaller countries are doing extremely well in terms of Internet penetration because of having smaller scale infrastructures, for instance, Iceland (population: 309,000), Andorra (population: 84,525), Monaco (population: 30,586) and Liechtenstein (population: 35,002).

Final words

Unlike United States, Europe has much more diverse market with different countries and languages; still it has twice as many Internet users than United States. This article is a small attempt to give you an insight into how different European countries are competing with each other in terms of Internet users and Internet penetration.

Source: Pingdom.com & Internet World Stats

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