50 Useful Facebook Tips and Tricks

This article is a small attempt to present some of most useful tips and tricks regarding Facebook and its different applications. Facebook has become one of the major social networking website with millions of subscribers. You are certainly one of them. It is useful to learn these tips and tricks if you are addict to Facebook.

1. Create a Custom Username for Your Facebook Profile or Page

It sometimes takes too much time to search someone’s profile. You can search your friend or your friends can search your Profile page very easily if you both have assigned a username for your Facebook profile. Simply go to Accounts and then select account settings. A page of My Account will open. There you can assign in suitable username for your Facebook Profile.

2. Export Your Facebook Status Updates via RSS or Text Messages

You can syndicate your status updates as RSS or Text Messages. Just go to facebook.com/notifications.

3. Import Your Tweets as Status Updates

You can also import all your Tweets on Twitter as your Facebook status updates. You need to have Twitter application for Facebook in order to import Tweets as your status updates.

4. Schedule your Status Updates on Facebook and Twitter

You can schedule your status updates on Facebook and many other social network websites. For scheduling your status updates you can use this site “www.sendible.com.” This website support many social networking sites such as, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

5. Sync Photos of Facebook Friends with Microsoft Outlook Contacts

OutSync is a free Windows application that can be used to sync photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

6. Customize Your Facebook Page

Customizing your Facebook Page has become really simple with FBml application. This application will help you to customize sidebar of your wall and also help you to create a ‘welcome’ tab for your Facebook Fan Page.

7. Export Your Facebook Events to Your Google Calendar

You can now export your Facebook events to a Google Calendar.

8. Download Your Facebook Albums from Friends, Events, and Groups

Downloading your Photo Album from your Facebook is now become a task of single click. Just install a plugin called Facebook Photo Album Downloader (FacePAD) on your Firefox and you are ready to download whole albums with just a single click.

9. Flickr to Facebook

Flickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing application. You can use this application to upload photos to your Facebook easily.

10. Upload Photos to Your Facebook Account with Picasa

Picasa is another Google owned application used to upload photos. You can use this application to resize or add captions to your photos before uploading them to Facebook.

11. Export the Emails of Your Facebook Friends as a CSV List

It is almost impossible to download the address book of Facebook in CSV list. But there is a way to do it. Following link will help you to download Facebook address book easily.

12. How to: Remove Facebook Advertisements

You can now remove the annoying ads and updates from your Facebook pages. Simple install a Greasemonkey plugin script on your Firefox.

13. Import Selective Tweets as Facebook Status Updates

If you don’t want each and every tweet as your Facebook Status Update, use hash tag Facebook (#FB) in your tweets to select tweets for your Status Updates.

14. Access Facebook Chat on Your Desktop

If you want to access Facebook Chat on your Desktop, simply install Chit Chat for Facebook application. It is an MSN style chat program that offers better chat experience.

Mac users should try Adium as it integrates both msn messenger and Facebook chat.

15. Use Facebook Chat Emoticons

For some unique Facebook emoticons, you can visit www.fbemoticons.net.

16. Manage Facebook Chat with Lists

You can now choose to appear online to certain list and offline to others on your Facebook Chat. If you don’t want to talk with some people, simply create a list in your Chat box. Drag the people with whom you don’t want to talk. Click on offline to that list. You are done.

17. Update Facebook via SMS Text Messages

You can update your Facebook status through SMS. For this you have to get yourself register with Facebook Mobile. It is very easy to register yourself for Facebook Mobile. Just follow the instruction on Facebook to get register.

18. Get Facebook Summary Updates via Email

Nutshell mail is an amazing service to stay connected with Facebook, Twitter and LinedIn. It delivers Facebook updates to you.

19. Update Your Facebook Status from Firefox

Now you can update your Facebook status from Firefox by using Firestatus utility.

20. Download the Facebook Application for Your Phone

You can access Facebook through your mobile. Simply log in to Facebook from ‘m.facebook.com’ from your mobile phone.

21. Get detailed Statistics of Your Facebook Friends with Socialistics

You can get an integrated analysis of your friends and networks with Socialistics which is a comprehensive social insight tool.

22. Automatically Poke Friends that Poke You

If someone pokes you and you want to poke him/her back, you can opt for Greasemonkey script for Firefox also known as Facebook Autopoke.

23. Upload Photos and Video to Facebook via Email

For this, you need to go to “www.facebook.com/mobile” and note that special “upload email address” this is assigned to you by Facebook. Any photograph or video sent to this address is posted your Facebook page.

24. The Konami Code

This is a code used to create some cool lens flare effect. Just enter:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter.

To deactivate the code, enter the same code agaian.

25. Pirate English

You can change the language of Facebook to English (Pirate) BETA such as yarr matey! Etc.

26. Update Facebook from Google

iGoogle is a great application to view your Facebook newsfeed and update your status. It works best on Firefox.

27. Find all of Your Facebook friends on Twitter

If you want to connect with your Facebook friends on Twitter, FB140 is a smart and simple application to make this task easy.

28. Keep Your Friends with You as You Surf the Web

You can keep your friends with you as you surf the web with the help of social web browser “Flock.” It is a Mozilla technology.

29. Access Gmail from Facebook with Fmail

In order to check your Gmail while still on Facebook, you can use Fmail.

30. Flip Your Status Update Text Upside Down

To create some fun out of your status, you can flip your status upside down using the site “fliptext.org”

31. Download Facebook Videos

If you want to download facebook videos, simply log on to downfacebook.com.

32. Get all Your Facebook Notifications Right on Your Desktop

By using FBquick, you will be able to get all your notifications on your Desktop.

33. Ping Facebook and all Other Major Social Networks at Once

This can be done simply with ping.fm.

34. Get Quick Access to Many Popular Features of Facebook

In order to get the quick access to different features of Facebook, you can use Facebook Friend Menu.

While performing any task keep pressing the ALT button.

35. Auto-Colorizer for Facebook

Auto colorizer is a script used to add custom color scheme to Facebook.

36. Create a Collage of Photos of Your Friends

Photo Collage is a great application to create a Photo Collage view of your Facebook friends’ photos.

37. Get Facebook and other Instant Messaging in one Program

This can be done by using a cool program called Digsby.

38. The Reviews App for Facebook

The Reviews Application for Facebook lets your prospective fans to have better idea about you and your business.

39. Automatically Log in to Facebook

This can be done by using Facebook Autologin v2. You need to install Greasemonkey on your Firefox.

40. Facebook Share Button Integration within Google Reader

It is a Greasemonkey script that places and expandable Facebook Sharer into each Google Reader item.

41. Advanced Facebook Search Features

Facebook search is a comprehensive search engine. You can get a lot of help about Facebook search in the Help section of “facebook.com.

42. Facebook Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X

It is a widget specially designed for the Mac OS X dashboard. It helps to show notifications from the Facebook website.

43. The Superlatives App is Fun

You can get and explore this application at facebook.com/superlatives.

44. Send RSS Feeds to Facebook Pages with RSS Graffiti

This application keeps a periodic check on your RSS feeds and posts new entries to the Facebook Wall as you specify.

This application is used to write multiple feeds on multiple walls.

45. Manage Facebook Status Updates and Multiple Twitter Accounts at Once

Tweetdeck is an application used to enable multiple account management and Facebook status updating.

46. Check out: Facebook for Influencers

Who wants to build a presence, engage an audience or spread a message, can use this page. It is used to build an effective presence.

47. Check out: the Facebook App Directory

You can check Facebook directory where Facebook has recommended a large range of applications.

48. Export Albums to Facebook from iPhoto [Mac]

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is a free plugin which help you to export photos directly to Facebook. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later with iPhoto 5 or later.

49. Customize Your Facebook Profile Page Sidebar

You can check the facebook icon collection at “www.justinparks.com/facebook-buttons-icons-badges-social-media”

50. Install a Facebook Like Button into Your WordPress Self-Hosted Blog

To do so, go to Plugins/Add New.

Look for Facebook like Button.

You can install Facebook like Button into your WordPress by installing a plugin “WP FB Like”

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