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In an Advertising Week at the NYC conference, the marketers’ main focus will be on devising new ways to reach customers on Facebook. Facebook has now become the largest display advertising site on the Internet. However, there are many other ways for companies to reach customers on the network. One such ways is to advertise inside social games as social games emerge as a great entry in the Internet world.

The recent reports by Nielsen shows that the online games has become the second most popular activity on the Internet as they outdo the personal e-mail achieve this place. Online games account for 10% of time spent online by the users. Games are thus a major source of getting more followers for advertisers. In United States alone, more than 56 million people play social games regularly.

Social games are a great way for advertisers to experiment new things. Many unique opportunities are provided to them by these games. Social games usually involve virtual goods, the things that a player want but not eager to pay for it. Making use of this scenario, some game publishers have begun to bind virtual goods or currency to real world purchases from advertising partners. Fro instance, spend $20 at Gap.com and get 20 Facebook credits.

For many advertisers, the in-game marketing extremely works well. As far as consumer is concerned, the various promotions seem to him like:

  • Retail Goods: Make a purchase from an online retailer, such as Gap.com or Nordstrom.com to get free virtual currency or goods.
  • Subscription Services: To get a free virtual goods or currency, sign up for a monthly subscription service like Netflix.
  • Local Advertisers: Order a pizza online at Papajohns.com to get free virtual currency.
  • Survey Research: You can receive a free virtual currency or goods on completing the survey successfully.
  • Branded Video Views: By watching this particular short movie or video trailer, you can earn free virtual goods and currency.

Following are given the more appropriate ways to use social games in order to promote your brand.

Hit the In-Game Wall

It is perhaps the easiest place to start with. Offer Wall is useful for the advertisers with low commitment offers, such as a survey, a free trial for your service, or a video trailer you want users to watch inside the game.

Offer Wall is pretty much like bulletin board, which is easy to post something but hard to stand out. Remember, there are always twenty or more offers from other advertisers right next to yours in queue. So, to keep things simple and easy for you and to boost your conversion rates, always keep your offer text succinct with clear instructions on how to complete or avail the offer.

Post Your Ad on an In-Game Billboard

In game placements like banners, billboards inside the game or limited time deals are another good way to reach the customers. These placements are a good way for many advertisers and can deliver a good profit to you.

Unlike offer wall, where so many advertisers are in queue, in-game placements emphasize only a single advertiser and provide more room for broad messaging. These placements also give advertisers a five times more exposure than the offer wall. Make sure that you highlight the value you are offering to the players.

Put Your Name on Branded Virtual Goods

If you want something more than offer wall or inside game placements, the better way is teamed up with a game developer to put your brand name directly on the virtual goods. For 2010 Video Music Awards, MTV recently got it on the game to improve its ratings by giving away virtual replicas of fashion items and celebrity accessories on Mall World (a style and fashion-oriented Facebook application).

You can get dividends as well if you team up with any game developer. For instance, Cascade Farm recently teamed up with game developer Zynga to be brand behind the game’s organic blueberries crop. Cascadian Farm organic blueberries had been purchased by more than 1 million players for 20 credits each, within a few days of launching in Farmville Market.

It is a good idea to consider those virtual goods which are contemporary to your products. It will make branding easy for you. For instance, if you are promoting clothing, then you can simply give players the option to customize their virtual persona with branded virtual clothing.

Launch Your Own Branded Game

Another way to advertise your brand is by launching your own branded game. It is great fun for the customer and in the same time an impressive way to engage them with your brand.

One such example is if New York Jets, who recently launched a Facebook game named Ultimate Fan. This game lets football fans to predict scores or to take quizzes on their knowledge of NFL teams allot points and hold other virtual tailgates parties. The revenue generated for Jets through fans purchasing virtual tailgates and product placement sponsorships.

It is not always necessary that only sports or entertainment companies can create companies. For instance, Reckitt Benckiser developed its own branded game to promote their brand and working environment. PoweRBrands is the name of a game which revolves around marketing challenges for various products and players have to face those for points and office upgrades.

You can take help from different agencies to develop a game for you, if you don’t have in-house expertise to develop games. Popular agencies like Arkadium and Avenue Social are always ready to serve you.

Original Article Written by Alex Rampell at Mashable.com

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