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Some people take the world in through their eyes, taking pleasure in everything they see. I have poor eyesight and to me, the world is made up of sound more than colors, which is why I recently had to go on a treasure hunt for the perfect audio receiver. An audio receiver is commonly used in electronic gadgets such as televisions, PCs, and media players such as DVD and mp3 players. They give the sound quality of these gadgets a significant boost as well as amplify the sound. Audio receivers also double up as routers by channeling video and audio signals to your TV or sound system. No home entertainment system is complete without surround sound, and no surround sound is complete without an audio receiver. Below are a few tips on what to look for in an audio receiver as well as how and where to look for one.

First, you need to know about the different features of an audio receiver. This will help you in comparing the pros and cons of each brand. Audio receivers also function as radio wave receptors. It can amplify sound, handle audio effects, and be hooked up to any suitable electronic device like TVs, game consoles, computers, and media players. You can connect an audio receiver to any of the aforementioned electronic devices either wirelessly or through cable.

The audio receiver is actually composed of several parts. They are: the source of the audio or video signal (a compatible electronic device), the decoder for the surround-sound, the power amplifier, the pre-amplifier, and the speakers (called output by some). It’s good to know the prices of these components individually as well as the bargains you can take advantage of when you buy them as part of a package.

The internet may not hold a lot of wisdom, but it sure is a great place to look for answers. There is an abundance of sites on the web that will give you reliable and relevant information about audio receivers. A lot of excellent audio receiver reviews can be found on Cnet reviews. Other informative sites are: Audioholics and Home Theater Mag. The Home Theater Mag actually has an insider’s guide on stuff you need to know before buying an audio receiver.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a great bargain just by buying the first audio receiver you come across. Smart shoppers always conduct a canvass first before deciding where and what model to buy. Online sites like Amazon.com and eBay may offer great deals on both second-hand and brand new audio receivers. You do need to be a bit careful when buying refurbished units and read the warranty carefully. Brick and mortar stores might occasionally hold a sale for audio receivers. In any case, make sure your unit is in full working order before taking it home. Have it tested before buying.

Popular audio receiver brands are popular because of one reason: quality. Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo are known for the excellence and durability of their units. It’s a good idea to check out their websites before heading out to get an audio receiver.

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