Canon PowerShot s330

The vast majority of people enjoy using the Canon PowerShot s330 digital camera. This unit is reasonably expensive, it is a couple hundred dollars more expensive than previous models in the same line, however many users consider the investment worth it when they see the quality of camera that they receive. The ability to have a 3X zoom as well as adding audio to the pictures taken with the camera, are two features that the majority of users appreciate greatly.

The stainless steel appearance of the Canon PowerShot s330 certainly makes the camera appear durable. Users are comfortable using the equipment because it looks like it can take a beating. There is all to the option of adding video to the pictures that have been taken for as long as 30 seconds at a time. This along with the audio feature makes this camera a top-of-the-line unit in the mind of most users.

The Canon PowerShot s330 comes with other amazing features such as an exposure lock and a power button that must be held in order to be activated. Users no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting the button when using the camera and losing the opportunity at a great picture. There is also a flash exposure lock available for areas where the lighting is not ideal so that pictures can be taken in many types of settings.

The camera comes with software that allows a person to edit and select the best pictures on the camera memory card at the time. No longer do individuals have to worry about printing out the wrong picture and not getting the facts that they want about a trip known through the pictures selected. Instead pictures can show the facts by only selecting the best, and making the contrast and brightness of the photos superior to anything that has existed previously.

Canon PowerShot s330 users often refuse to use other models once they have made the selection of this camera for their digital photo needs. The software that comes with this camera does not work with other models from the same line. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to convert older pictures onto your new camera. The camera itself comes with the ability to look up to a computer USB port. This is extremely helpful for people that want to share their photos and videos online. Connecting to a USB port is very easy and even a non-technical person can accomplish this task without trouble.

While it does not have the best features in terms of pixel resolution, this camera as a leader in the marketplace. While the specifications should be higher for the price, almost every person will be happy when they make the decision to select this camera for their photography needs. There are cheaper models available, but they do not have the durability of this camera. Most people will agree that this camera surpassed their expectations during the first use of the camera. This machine is a wise investment for any photography enthusiast.

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