Canon PowerShot SD950 IS

The cost of the Canon PowerShot SD950 IS is nearly $400. This places the particular digital camera model at approximately the mid-level range in the eyes of most users of the product. While the model may be a little bit expensive but 12 megapixel design of the Canon PowerShot SD950 IS along with the fact that the camera does not require much manual manipulation is pleasing to the majority of users. The majority of features on this camera are not available anywhere else within the Canon line, therefore users will spend the extra money for the convenience that the camera offers.

The resolution of the Canon PowerShot SD950 IS his relatively unmatched. Some people do not enjoy the fact that the camera has a screen size of only 2.5 inches in order to work with the viewfinder. One advantage however is that it has the ideal settings to take quality pictures in the sunlight as well as almost any other weather condition. Other remarkable features include a battery meter that is easy to monitor on-screen. This will help users to make sure they do not run out of battery before taking the most important picture of the day. This camera also gives the user the opportunity to take video in small sections of time.

The camera is constructed out of the finest titanium. It weighs less than 6 ounces and is comfortable for most users to handle. The Canon PowerShot SD950 IS is ideal for users that want a very intense zoom feature. This camera is thicker than previous models because of the size of the lens. It can take a long time to get used to the difference in thickness over previous cameras. The camera still easily fits in the user’s pocket without any difficulty. This camera also comes with advanced face detection and a stabilization technique for taking head shots.

There are various scene models so that you can take pictures in any location confidently. The buttons are put together in a comfortable way so that users can easily toggle between the various features on the camera without losing what they are doing. There are different ways that the camera can be manipulated with a person’s finger, therefore using the camera can become a unique experience for each individual user. There are four ways to use camera, and using it in a way that is comfortable becomes easier with practice.

There is the option to print photos as well as immediately playback any movies that are taken with the camera. This can be helpful if a person is trying to show something unique to a friend or family member immediately after it took place and it was captured on film. The camera does very well in tests and has a very easy to understand menu. The menu for this model is extremely similar to the menu of previous Canon camera models. The Canon PowerShot SD950 IS is the ideal camera for someone who is caught somewhere between an amateur photographer and a professional. Certainly professionals will use a higher-end model, but this model is the ideal way for a person to expand their experiences with photography closer to the professional standards.

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