Changing a Bushnell Trail Camera Passcode

Photographers both amateur and professional know how difficult it is to take pictures of wild animals in their native habitat. In the past, taking a perfect shot means staking out on a sturdy limb, camouflaged and hidden from any animals that happen to pass by. Even then, days of vigilance might yield nothing. Thanks to the Bushnell Corporation, those days are long gone. Photographers can now set up their Bushnell Trail Camera in the places where the wild animal is most likely to frequent and just leave. The camera will do everything else.

The Bushnell Trail Camera gives photographers a chance to capture images of animals in a natural setting without actually being on site. Movement, usually caused by a passing animal, triggers the sophisticated motion sensors built into the camera and causes it to take pictures every few seconds. The images are then stored in the camera’s SD card. The Bushnell Trail Camera incorporates a security feature to prevent anyone from stealing or tampering with the images. The security feature involves a passcode that can be reset from time to time as needed by the photographer. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the passcode on your Bushnell Trail Camera.

Step 1: Make sure your camera has enough juice to work properly. The battery compartment should be located in the right-hand side of the camera. To open it, gently pull on the two latches until it unfastens. The Bushnell Trail Camera runs on four ‘D’ cell batteries. When putting the batteries in, make sure that it is the flat end (the negative end) that touches the spring.

Step 2: Turn your Bushnell Trail Camera on by pressing the power button found in the camera’s base right next to the ‘Menu’ button. Once on, the camera will display “HHHH” on the screen to indicate that it s indeed active.

Step 3: Open the menu by using the factory default passcode of “0000”. To do so, press the ‘ENTER’ button located just above the ‘MENU’ button four times.

Step 4: The Bushnell Trail Camera will show you further instructions on its LCD screen. It will ask you to set the date as well as the time. That done, continue the process until a key icon appears. The key icon is actually a prompt for you to change the passcode.

Step 5: Using the “Up” and “Down” keys, select your new passcode from numbers zero to nine. Press the ‘ENTER’ button every time you select a number. The passcode consist of four digits so keep repeating the choosing process until you’ve secured all four digits for your passcode.

These step-by-step instructions should help you in changing the passcode in your Bushnell Trail Camera. When you’ve done that, you’re ready to snap some great shots of unsuspecting wildlife. Be careful where you leave your Bushnell Trail Camera, and how you hide it. It’s always a good to mark its position on a map so you’ll find it again when you need to.

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