Fuji FinePix s8000fd

Many advantages are available for people using the Fuji FinePix s8000fd. One of the most notable is the 18X zoom capability of this camera The camera is also extremely easy to use. and moderately priced at just under $400. This is not the best model on the market however is more than sufficient for experienced photographers that are looking to expand their art affordably. People can find the Fuji FinePix s8000fd for under $325 online if they do some comparison shopping. Other models produced by other companies can produce a more professional looking picture, but the majority of users are more than pleased with this machine once they purchase it.

The Fuji FinePix s8000fd 18Xzoom feature is one of the leading reasons that people enjoy this product. Fuji does have similar models such as the 6500 that comes with the same basic features. The main difference between the 6500 and this model is that this model has a longer lens and a lower pixel rate. The megapixel rate of eight with the Fuji FinePix s8000fd causes the unit to receive a lot of attention from prospective buyers This unit also has a face detection feature, hence the FD at the end of the model number. The camera itself is under 15 ounces, therefore making it easy to carry.

The LCD screen is approximately 2.5 inches which is more than sufficient for photo browsing after photos have been taken. Some users have had difficulty reviewing photos in bright daylight. There are various modes that can be used to find photos and contrast them comfortably. The most common used controls are located comfortably on the camera. There are various automatic and manual control options to choose from, so that individuals with varying levels of photography experience can enjoy the use of the camera. There are 13 scene modes available, and the capability to toggle between two scenes is also offered.

There is the natural light and flash mode, which allows users to determine which picture is better. The camera takes two pictures at the same time, one with flash and one without and the user is allowed to make the determination about which one is the better picture. A stabilization button and face detection ability are also available with buttons that are at the top of the camera. There is also the option of removing the red eyes from any photo that is taken with the camera. There is also the option to add special effects to photos such as black-and-white and chrome options with the simple click of a button.

The Fuji FinePix s8000fd is an easy camera to use and most users find that they can become comfortable with the layout of the model in a matter of days after purchasing the machine. There are also bought and allowing a person to delete pictures with a single touch of a button The camera also has the ability to capture video clips unlike many previous models of the same unit. This camera is ideal for any person that wants to be able to expand their photography hobby into something more at some point without going broke.

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