Fuji FinePix s9000

The vast majority of users enjoy the Fuji FinePix s9000 product. There is a 10.7x zoom lens available with this unit. There are other more technically advanced units than the Fuji FinePix s9000, however with a price tag of about $650 the majority of people are pleased with their purchase. This unit is extremely light and small, which is advantageous for individuals that are worried about comfortably carrying the camera. There are two rings around the lens, one for zoom features and one for focusing the camera.

The Fuji FinePix s9000 zoom feature is exceptional, however during trials there were occasions where finding proper focus was difficult for the average user. On a few occasions the camera failed to focus at all leading to a subpar performance. The LCD display screen is exceptionally small with only 1.8 inches dedicated to the feature. There is the option to use an autofocus feature, however many users prefer manually focusing their camera, and the inability to do this successfully every time may deter some customers from purchasing the unit.

The Fuji FinePix s9000 allows users to attach a strobe light to the camera, however this feature is not very useful in the majority of situations. The wide end of the zoom lens is more than sufficient however the more narrow shots leave something to be desired in terms of quality The colors with daylight photos were not as vibrant as some individuals may prefer. Still the unit performs extremely well in more evenly balanced weight conditions.

The flash rate of this camera is exceptional for capturing still objects. The competition often does not have the same quality of flash rate available. The unit has an acceptable booting time of under 3 seconds. Resolution is barely acceptable. At approximately 1700 lines, the resolution level is at the lowest possible acceptable level for a camera of this caliber. The zoom lens has a good effect except in close-up situations where there is a little bit of blur. Photos taken when a person in motion is captured 10 to have more background noise. This is not something that most photographers are comfortable with because pictures will require a significant amount of editing. There can be some color lost in larger prints because of this issue. A person can shoot video clips until the memory card is full..

Overall this camera will suit the needs of most users unless they’re looking for perfection. The zoom lens works for photos that are far away, however close up shots can be blurry. The overall function of the machine is passable, but the majority of people will be frustrated with the amount of post-photography editing work that must be done in an effort to clean up distortion in the pictures. There are cheaper models available that can continuously provide clearer pictures for the consumer. Changes will be made to future models in order to give better clarity to the user. Generally speaking this camera provides an exceptional experience for people who are not overly particular about perfection in photo clarity.

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