Kodak Updates Image with Hip-Hop Style

In the recent years Kodak’s old-fashioned Mom oriented marketing method did not provide them with sales growth and their digital camera trade has been suffering among the weak spending and tough rivalry for customer electronic dollars,

Their new catchy advertisements, which has been benefitting from the hip hop celebrities, is a tactic which has been used to boost up the digital camera trades by targeting younger and trendier consumers.

Antonio Perez who has become the main executive in 205 has forced Kodak to get involved in digital technologies such as printers, cameras because their film business was in a falling period. Even though they have tried hard, it has been challenging for them to move to a different industry and it is still uncompleted.

Kodak has been an important point in popularizing customer photography, launch of simple cameras in 1888, however the slow reactions as people moved to a digital period.

Kodak has expectedly launches something unique and the rappers were involved in promoting it, but it has not been a difficult task because there is a feature enabling to share pictures on social networks which is highly popular in these days.

John Blake has stated that working with such artists and so many others has said to be allowing the company to reach out to their new target group.

According to a recent market research, it is reasonable to state that the market share in 2005 was higher than the share of the past year. Additionally it is interesting to note that Kodak was the in the 3rd place of big sellers by units of digital cameras in all around the world.

The research firs stated that Kodak has achieved 11.2 million digital camera sales in 2009, which presents a 19 percent decrease from the past year which would be 2008. IN 2009 with 8.8 percent market share Kodak has fallen to the 5th place in digital camera sales.

The 2nd quarter of this year has showed that the revenue in Kodaks’2 camera and device sales dropped to 5%. The mini video cameras had achieved good sales.

Kodak has stated that their success improved for digital cam and device business; however it does not reveal their revenue or takings totals.

Kodak has started to consider their strategies and find out new ways of improving their sales such as cooperating with celebrities to get a better interest from specific target groups and they are hoping to gain their previous success.

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