Court Orders to Shut Down LimeWire

A New York judge ordered LimeWire to cease the distribution of its file sharing software, agreeing with the claimants who claim that LimeWire is used “devastatingly for infringement.”

According to the judge Wood of U.S. District Court in Manhattan, LimeWire deliberately encouraged direct infringement by its users and also advertised itself to Napster users who were accused copyright infringers.

A New York judge ordered LimeWire to shut down.

The LimeWire site shut down its services on Wednesday, displaying only a legal notice that states, “This is an official notice that a LimeWire is court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file sharing software. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorization is illegal.”

The company however claims that it will not put out of business permanently. The company states that we hope to work with music industry in order to keep our business ticking. Our aim is to made necessary changes and work together with the whole music industry in the coming future.

The CEO of the company George Searle posted a message on LimeWire corporate site. He said in his post that the injunction applies to our product. The company remains open for the business. He further stated that our professionals and music enthusiasts are working on a completely new music service. Our aim is to put you back in the center of your music experience once again. We will come to you with more details about our new services soon.

The LimeWire remained in dispute with the music industry for years over its laissez faire approach. Four years ago about a dozen claimants filed a case against LimeWire. The major companies who pursued against LimeWire include Capitol Records and Warner Brothers Records Inc, Virgin Records America Inc, Arista Records and Sony (SNE) Music Entertainment.

Although the court order ceased the further distribution of LimeWire’s software, the networks Gnutella and BitTorrent are still active. One can use other software application to reach through them.

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  1. Loney says:

    It was to happen. All illegal sites to be hit soon.

  2. Piracy to be eradicated through radical steps.

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