Exposed! PTCL Revised Student Broadband Package

A while ago PTCL Broadband limited the Student Package to 1MBPS. Now PTCL has ‘revised’ the student package and added 150 ‘free voice minutes’ to the package ‘silently’ increasing the price of package from Rs. 840 to Rs. 850. And also added Rs. 150 to the package for so-called free voice minutes. The total now is Rs. 999/- for 1 MBPS package with 150 not-so-free voice minutes.

Decide Yourself

  • PTCL claims to provide free E-Learning cards to all who sign up before 31 December 2010 but there is NOTHING FREE.
  • You never get response from easylearning@ptcl.net.pk regarding e-learning. If you contact Sebera, they send you back to easylearning@ptcl.net.pk.
  • You HAVE TO PAY RS. 150/ even if you don’t use the voice minutes.
  • Package Price is cleverly increased by Rs. 10. (from PKR 840 – PKR 850) as they did before introducing 1 minute package and gave it name of New Package.


The new PTCL Student Package sucks big time. Gives no incentive but robbing the students. PTCL usually don’t take customers’ consent before enabling these student packages. The package is nothing but a big damn blunder from beginner to end.

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4 Responses to "Exposed! PTCL Revised Student Broadband Package"

  1. maryam says:

    They are real fraud. PTCL Sucks!

  2. Aamir Mahmud says:

    PTCL after sales service is very pethatic. I have no other option but to stick to PTCL… 🙁

  3. Badar says:

    I called PTCL several times to fix my area cable that was causing problems with my PTCL broadband but in no vain.

  4. Hi,
    i also didn’t get any response from e-learning
    easylearning@ptcl.net.pk and Sebera did the same which is mentioned above

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