Research: Avg. Teenager Sends 3,339 Text Per Month

Texting, the activity of sending text messages via your cell phone, is increasing in popularity among teens, which have been logged as sending more than 3,000 text messages in one month. This, the math shows, is equal to 6 texts an hour. On average, both sexes included, teen users of cell phones send out roughly 3,339 text messages a month, which breaks down into 4,050 texts/ month for girls and 2,539 texts/month for boys.


This data was collected by the Nielsen poll group, in a monster study looking at the texting habits of over 60,000 cell phone users and more than 3,000 US teens from April-June 2010. Naturally, part of this is due to the increase in downloadable applications on the iPhone and similar devices, which encourage sending out text messages, as well as the increasing numbers of children who have gain access to cell phones.

The most text-savvy demographics were teens aged 13-17, i.e. newly pubescent teenagers who were likely getting their first taste of freedom and social interaction. The number of texts they sent out is astounding, and constantly rising, with no end seemingly in sight – this number represents an increase of 8% over the statistical survey data collected in 2009. As mentioned above, girls outnumber and outdo boys in the texting stakes by over 1,500 texts on average per month.

In contrast, look at the 18-24 year age bracket. They lag far behind in the poll, with an average of just 1,630 texts/month. While the count of text messages sent out by each demographic has risen across the board since last year, the number sent out by every group over 13-17 just declines sharply after that age grouping. Therefore texting has risen in importance and use – the only difference is it has risen far more sharply in 13-17 year olds than any other demographic.

New Era

From 2008-2010, a massive shift in cell phone usage has happened, primarily in the reasons why teens buy cell phones. Whereas the main reason for having one used to be for safety’s sake, the reason now is texting – that was the reason given by 43% of teenagers. It has even overtaken voice calling, being called ‘faster’ and ‘easier’ by 20% and 22% respectively of teens. The highest number of voice calls made is among 18-24 year olds, and every age demographic above 13-17 years uses voice calling features more than the teens.

This is matched by increases in data usage and application downloads among teens – from 14 to 62 MB of downloads per month, with teen males using over 20 MB more than females. This has led many to ask: is there a ceiling? Where does the texting craze end? Is there a natural limit to this activity, or is it bound to become as natural as breathing?

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  1. Mirza Rehan says:

    Those are a lot of SMS per month. I usually send around 20 SMSs per day. That means 600 in a month…

  2. Aaliyah says:

    Females are more active on cell phones… Wow!

  3. Charline says:

    That seems right because I am always texting 🙂

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