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We already know about the fact that people spend a good amount of time on social networks such as Facebook. But here the question when exactly the users are more active? A social media management company Vitrue conducted a study to get the answer of this question.

Vitrue in its study analyzed the Facebook post data from August 10, 2007 to October 10, 2010 from over 1,500 brand streams. Remember, Vitrue considered over 7.56 million comments and 1.64 million posts excluding the ‘Share’ and ‘Likes’ from the study.

Some of the major points carried out by study are:

  • The biggest usage hours tend to occur on weekdays at 11am, 3pm and 8pm Eastern Time (ET).
  • Out of these three hours the biggest spike occurs at 3pm ET on weekdays.
  • The busiest period is at 3pm on Wednesday, although the usage remains stable throughout the weekdays.
  • On weekends the activity of the users on Facebook is very less.

Morning Posts Are More Effective

It has seen that the posts published in the morning tend to perform better than those published in the afternoon. According to the study, morning posts are 39.7% more effective than the afternoon posts, because in morning posts the user engagement is quite prominent.

Another interesting fact that Vitrue’s study brought to us is that more interaction is seen at the top of the hour and as the time passes the interaction begins to diminish.

This is nothing unusual if you probe deep down into the facts. During the working hours breaks and meetings are scheduled in a particular time sequence. So, a quick check on Facebook before heading to a meeting or leaving for break is something that happen during the top hours.

Why This Matters

The main focus for brands on Facebook is to take on maximum number of customers or potential clients in order to promote their message. Study also focuses on this fact that how users interact with brands on Facebook.

Adam Ostrow stated that about 65% of the Facebook users access their accounts when they are free, i.e. not at school or work (early morning or evening). According to him, making a social media a part of 9am to 5pm will not be of any use as you miss out to connect with customers during the time they are likely to be online.

Virtue study’s clearly in line with the above statement of Adam Ostrow. If you want to spread you message across effectively as a brand, you need to at what time users will be active to engage them with your page.

No doubt, the data provided by Virtue is by no mean remain steady as with the shift of usage patterns the data will alter accordingly. Only knowing when users are active is not enough to spread your brand message. There are certain others business tactics.

But still having a fair idea about the usage patterns plays a vital role in maximizing the interaction between the brand and the user.

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