Sony Promises Higher-End SLT Camera

Recent arrival to the market was done by Sony Alpha 33 and 55 at the beginning of this year and it was supporting SLR appearance but lacked a flip out of the way mirror. This mirror flips out when it is time of photo taking and for the light to go to the sensor instead of the viewfinder. Rather they make use of a translucent mirror which actually sends a great portion of the light straight to the sensor while sharing a small part of it with the autofocus subsystem. The single lens translucent of Sony cameras operate on electronic view finder as there is not an optical view finder present.

The SLT designs enable 10 frames to be shot in one second and it can use the automatic focus both when shooting photos and also when recording videos. The demand for these devices has affected the availability of the A560 which actually makes use of the same sensor. So it is expected that Sony will be introducing new models.

Turo Katsumoto who is the head of the Alpha business of Sony stated that based on the main feedback they received and also on their studies, they have agreed to use this exclusive technology for their further high quality cameras. He also noted that their confidence was at the top level as they are sure that they will be satisfying the needs and the demands of their customers such as serious photographers. Finally in a different interview he stated that the new model should be around within 1 year time.

Reading through this interview will probably make you wonder how much higher Sony will be taking this translucent mirror technology in their cameras. Katsumoto stated that it will be depending on their customers’ requirements and expectations and in a press conference he noted that the new camera will be using a recent image sensor.

Sony has showed a sample product of this new advanced camera and also new models of a future 500 mm F4 super telephoto lens which is currently being developed and a new swivelling flash.

Besides the Alpha line which has a mount lenses, the company has compact NEX cameras which have E mount lenses without an internal mirror. And it is expected that there will improvements with these NEX family in the next 2 years. However before them there will be fish eye lens and a wide angle adapter to provide upgrading of NEX cameras.

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