Yahoo Launches Zombie Game for Halloween

Recently, the tech company has rolled out a cool zombie-themed game which is a Yahoo’s latest attempt towards something out of extra ordinary. This game teaches theory of economics to its players obliquely.

The game given the name Shambling Hordes is developed by Yahoo Labs. The prominent names involved in the programming of the game are David Reiley, John Morgan and the research engineering team at Yahoo. The main idea behind developing this game as described by the Yahoo researchers is, “Zombies are always awesome and many people like to see zombies in action no matter in movies, TV shows or even in games. It also designed to help the players master the budget allocation, advanced mathematics, classical economics and basics of game theory.

Let us have a brief idea of how Shambling Hordes works. It is basically a strategy game for two players. In the zombie apocalypse, each player is a warlord who is leading a ‘Shambling horde’ of zombies. The goal for each warlord is to capture one another’s territories. As they advance in the game, they indulge them in battles. Each horde in the game is divided into three groups. So, you will be declared as winner if you and your zombie force able to win two battles out of three.

The game is not difficult to play. It is easy and you have to make some strategic plans during game. A single round takes almost 15 minutes to complete but it largely depends on the map and number of battles you choose to play.

According to yahoo, the game is set to teach the players with principles of classical economics in a competitive environment.

People are often more interested in playing games in their leisure time. So, for those who are fond of playing games, especially related to zombies, this game is really a great fun for people who like strategic games.

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