5 Reasons to Say that Slate 500 from HP Perform for Business

The Slate 500 from HP shouldn’t be called as a competitor for iPad as it works fully for business. The details are released finally from HP regarding its Slate product which is expected early. Now Slate 500 from HP is the Tablet PC priced at $799 is ready for launch but a straight market is missing for this device. In conversation with HP, it becomes clear that the company is not feeling that slate 500 is a consumer good which designed as a competitor for iPad of Apple. The five reasons given below may give an explanation of keeping this device in vertical sector.

This device measures about 9.2” x 5.9” x 0.6” which makes it smaller compared to Apple’s iPad. The device weighs about 1.5 lbs and is considered as a great tool for data collection for vertical markets it works for like hospitality, real estate, insurance and education.

The Slate runs Intel Atom processor Z540 at a speed of 1.86 GHZ and has a 2GB RAM and SSD of 64 GB. There will be an obvious performance break by this solid-state drive when compared to many netbooks. Though the in-built storage capacity is limited, it can be expanded to 64 GB with the help of the slot for SD card.  Booting will also be faster.

The limitations of the touch features of Windows 7 are known. Though this OS is touch- sensitive, it is not solely designed for touch like the iOS. Many experts say that this interface just works OK for those basic tasks of data entry.  If this capacitative touch screen of 8.9 inches is not compared to the iPad’s interface, it is surely a bonus to the Slate.  Another added beneficial feature is that it has an in-built Bluetooth which helps in adding a keyboard or mouse easily for entering data quickly.

This statement is not fully correct as it has that ability to run games as any of those Windows 7 Operating Systems except for the process of downloading the games is completely different compared to iPad. The games can be easily blocked by the IT managers and thus Slate can be used as teaching device in schools as students cannot play any more games when they are blocked. Slate is made such that it can be managed well.

Though helpful at some places, to be true this is not useful everywhere. Many corporate customers are not interested to make new softwares for the device but are trying to utilize the one already existing in it. This is allowed by Windows. When many apps turn into cloud-based ones, the benefit may come down but presently windows 7 stands up as a buying factor for businesses.

One biggest worry regarding Slate is its price. It is costing $400 extra than the Apple’s iPad and about $500 extra than many netbooks in the market.  It appears to be very premium. Its stylish design and easy to manage feature may make it premium but on the whole it is all regarding business.

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