Air Display for iPad

Avatron’s Air Display is an app that converts your IPad conveniently to a small second monitor extending your Mac by an additional 1024 by 768 pixels without wires. This enables you to use the IPad touch screen as a big control surface. This skyrockets the capabilities of the home and mobile office in just $10.

Sys Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6.3 either 32 bit or 64 bit, Snow Leopard latest version.  Inter CPU is required. In the IPad, screen a list of installation instructions are displayed on the time of boot.  A small should be downloaded from the URL provided to run the desktop side of the installer. IPad and the Mac without a doubt must be on the same WIFI network. After installation, the Air Display app appears on the toolbar at the top of Mac’s desktop. You can select IPad as the display option from there or update the software if it is available.

Air Display works in both portrait mode and landscape modes. In landscape mode, adding the IPad’s 1024 pixel width to the 13-inch Mac book gives a total width of 2304 pixels, which is apparently wider than the 24 inch Mac that is quite astounding. The height is the same as usual, while, at 800 pixels on the first half of the screen and 768 pixels on the second half of the screen over on the IPad. For an analogy between the two, the IMac gives about 1920 by 1200 pixels whereas the 27-inch IMac gives 2560 by 1440 pixels resolution respectively. On the go, you can easily switch to the portrait mode, which is not so hard, but to turn the iPad 90 degrees since it has accelerometer. This process, however, takes ten seconds, as the Air Display application changes the angle in both the Mac Book and the iPad. In this procedure, the screen flickers quite a few times.

Once the display changes, Air Display returns all the iPad’s open windows and applications back to the main desk, thus, you have to re arrange them. Dragging items in the Mac is much faster when it is compared to the iPad. Getting used to be not the case for most tasks, once positioning the window is learned. Browsing photos also can seem to look crummy but later it picks up speed and efficiency. The window in the iPad enables you to use the touch and for moving, the mouse with the touch is so much fun. The app is quite stable and was double-checked by reviews.  The video is quite a strain since the WIFI connection has to bring it on and sometimes can get a bit nettlesome. Even for the music software the touch can be utilized. After Air Display app installed, there are myriads of options to discover and it is always fun to do so.

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