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Power.ME HD is a project and task management app from the AppTime of LLC, which is a perfect app for dealing with “all facets of life”. Though this might be a soaring statement but surely this app performs a proper job like help managing the work flow dexterously by the business minded people and allows sharing of documents from mobile devices of Apple along with web browsers of PC. This app is designed for Apple’s iPad.

After loading the application, the user has to sign into the synchronization and back-up service of Power.ME, which comes as a trial version for starting thirty days, which costs the user nothing. After that the app costs around $40 for one year. It gives the user a simplified registration experience where the need of the credit card is not seen for signing the account. The user gets a confirmation mail and the setup will be completed once the link is clicked.

In the vertical orientation, the spacious 9.7 inches screen will be used by Power.ME HD and lot of space is offered. Regarding this issue, developers had done a great job in presenting the information without making the screen look cramped.  When the iPad is hold horizontally, the screen becomes denser. A tool bar is featured at the lower portion of the screen which has seven buttons namely Home, Search, Quick Task, Sync, Settings, Add and help. Every icon is self explanatory. Add button allows the user to add a note, task, folder, photo, filter or a project. Drawing features allows the user to sketch and draw with fingers and thus is a fun filled feature. Quick Task service allows the user to make a task added instantly without going to add icon.  There are many options available in the features where by striking the “home” key, a menu is opened from which the user can select options like Inbox, Documents, Tasks, Filter, Projects, Due date, Trash, Team room and Highlighted.

Documents options include PowerPoint, Pages files and sample TXT.  When an original file or document is created the user have to give that a name and assign the document to a folder or any person whom it is to be shared with by inserting the e-mail Id. This is optional. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, keynote files and pages can be read but not edited. Trash option allows the user to delete the documents or files permanently or recover a file from recycle bin.

On the whole, Power.ME HD which costs about $29.25 is little expensive in comparison to other similar apps in Apps Store of Apple. Except for the cost, it is undoubtedly useful for business-headed people. The versatility of the app is trademark of Apple’s iPad applications.

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