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When there is a failure of AT&T, the win of Opera Mini can be found. Opera Mini 5 though not the best browser when compared to the Mobile Safari, It is the real first substitute browser for the iPhone of Apple, atleast for some time. When the network of AT&T collapses totally, the web pages will be pulled by this Opera Mini 5 out, when the existing own browser of Apple, sewers and stalls.

Tough there are many apps in the store of Apple i.e. AppStore, claiming that they are the “web browser”, most of them are undoubtedly lying. To actually tell you, these apps are just the skins of the engine that delivers Mobile Safari browser for Apple’s iPhone. The case of Opera Mini 5 is completely different. The web ages are not loaded by this proxy web browser. It instead requests the servers of Opera, where the web pages are loaded and in turn Opera Mini compress the pages by 80-90%. These compressed pages’ image will be sent to the phone. This is how Opera Mini 5 functions.

This helps in loading the pages extremely fast. Opera Mini functions quicker than the Mobile Safari and even works well on 3G. For instance, when I downloaded a page of NYTimes.com, it loaded within 22 seconds while it loaded in just 10 seconds on Opera. Many pages were of same result.

Opera simply hammered safari while working on a bad 3G are EDGE.  When a page of Adobe.com was loaded, Safari loaded it in 1Min 40 sec, while Opera loaded it 30 seconds quicker than Safari. Similarly to load a page from NYTimes.com, it to just 34 seconds by Opera while Safari took 2 minutes to load the same page.  Even on very slow networks, browsing was made possible with Opera.

Not only the speed factor, Opera has got many appealing and attracting features.  A “speed dial” display with nine graphical, bold bookmarks can be viewed in the startup screen of Opera Mini. Similar to Safari, Opera is also multi-window Browser. The user need not leave the browsing page to move to other window as they appear at the lower part of the screen in the bar. Settings of the app allow the user to fiddle with the sizes of font and also allow syncing the book marks on desktop with Opera.

Some complains are that multiple zoom are missing and the look of the buttons don’t simulate the Standard iPhone elements. Though copy-paste works, it doesn’t appear as the one that is in iPhone. Two zooming levels are seen in Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is only for Web browsing basically. Audio, video or flash are not supported by this. There are only limited set of fonts. Many web apps are not supported by Opera as Safari does.  To conclude, Safari cannot be replaced by Opera Mini 5 but it is still capable of doing many jobs like Safari. Hence it is a valuable app, especially for iPhone.

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