Chaos Rings 1.0 (iPhone OS)

Square Enix had enjoyed popularity with many Role playing games like Final Fantasy, Star Ocean and Kingdom Hearts. Now gaming on iPhone with a new original game called Chaos Rings will be more entertaining. Good graphics, excellent battle system, gripping sound track and great controls are the plus points in this game. This game was tested on iPhone 3GS, and no system slowdown was observed. One can buy this game from iTune App store by searching for it.

Characters in this game consist of five pairs. These pairs are sent to a different mystical world to battle in order to stay alive. Story of Chaos Rings unfolds slowly as the user advances with each level. Giving much details about the transformations to different worlds, need to battle etc. Each pair must collect artefacts to battle monsters, get new equipments for a battle and learn to use their new abilities.

First time users will take time to get used to its excellent music and visual effects. It is higher in quality when compared to PlayStation 1. Playing the game is also pretty easy, with pop up virtual controls at a single touch of the screen. Role play games are ruling the roost and one comfortable playing these can enjoy this particular game to the fullest extent. One can use magic, called genes, attack, or defend. One can attack singularly or as a pair, but doing so, opens up possibilities of being attacked as a pair as well. Spell is much stronger when used as a pair.

One has to continually explore new worlds as level advances, and after the battle health of each character is restored, but spells are not. So, use them wisely. And one can buy new equipment once done with the battle, for doing so, it transports you to your home base. Upgrades relating to magic spells, involve getting 3 gene plates by each member of a pair. There is also stat upgrade, which updates dynamically, when you are fighting a monster. This gives user more diverse spells.

When you are done exploring all the worlds, you can return and go as a different pair to explore same worlds but with different background story. Story differs with each pair and so interest in searching the same world is retained because there is still an element of suspense in it. It is a game for iPhone and does not occupy all the memory and is very fast with start and stop commands. Its 253 MB size offers choice of storing it anywhere. Square Enix fans will not be disappointed with this game. A hand-held RPG that pulls you into a different world altogether, to explore all features of game and get to see the fantastic ending, i.e. if at all, you make it to the end.

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