Consumers Want Their Tablets, Some Looking Beyond iPad

Apple is ruling the roost with its popular iPad. But it does not mean that tablet market is going downhill. According to survey result by Forrester, 14 percent of US people want to buy a tablet by next year. This is a good indication, for companies working for a solution beyond iPads. Tablet competitors for Apple might be happy to know that they have some percentage of audience for their product. So, one can be sure that any high end technology based Tablet will have some initial consumer base and this is often required for any company, when a new product is being launched.

There are many options for Tablets buyers in the market. There is Streak Tablet from Dell. This products only con is that its screen size is only 5 inches. One can take this device for a smart phone. Then there is one from Hewlett-Packard which is building a web OS tablet. LG has plans to start a project on Android OS-based tablet. Also in the line are Google and HTC with Lenovo Android and Chrome OS tablet respectively. So, the options for tablet buyers are many, and each is from a well established company. HP has proved its mettle with its world class products and stores. With its infrastructure, it can compete the marketplace with Apple.

Generally, people who are tech savvy buy all the latest equipments, like iPads, Netbooks, Desktops, Laptops, internet connected TV, etc. Gadgets for them are very important and hence Tablet manufacturing companies can go ahead and launch their product. It is estimated that those who purchased iPads also own at least 3 computers and 24 percent of them had Netbooks. Eighteen percent from the rest wanted to buy a Netbook and nine percent of people planned to get a Desktop computer.

Gaming consoles are also very popular choice. iPad buyers who buy a gaming console constitute a whopping 69 percent. Consumers who buy all types of electronic gadgets buy less of gaming consoles. It accounted for 37 percent only. It is the iPad owners who are more likely to get a TV with Internet connection. Such people will also be interested in services based on Cloud security systems. Tablet users will need as much media as the market can offer. So, the tablet manufacturing companies must keep in mind about voracious media needs and facilitate a store for the same.

Apple was smart enough to use this fact. The vast collection of media libraries is the reason that iPad has become very famous. Consumers will want to use all types of media be it offline radio or Facebook, or online video, or Skype, etc. Ravenous appetite of media must be satiated for  Tablet to be as successful as iPad.

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