Dawlance H-Zone Fully Automatic Washing Machine [Priced at PKR 61,000]

Dawlance has recently introduced a fully automatic washing machine in H-zone product series. This new washing machine is quipped with some modern style laundry tools such as it has an air wash feature with ‘ozone power’ that kills bacteria and bad odor without using any detergent or water. This washing machine is very much suitable for items which don’t require frequent cleaning such as leather jackets, expensive clothes, bags, stuffed toys and so on. It also has a heat dryer feature that irons your clothes with hot air.

Certainly, an H-zone washing machine is a major breakthrough in the washing technology. Besides having an air-wash and heat dryer feature, it also has regular One Touch Operations system, Power Resumption Memory, a Tilt Drum and a customized wash feature. Dawlance has bring to us a technology that has a contemporary front load design, trendy looks and is capable of doing more than one tasks quite easily. It is convenient to use, saves your time and don’t put too much load on your electric bills.

Price: PKR 61,000/-

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12 Responses to "Dawlance H-Zone Fully Automatic Washing Machine [Priced at PKR 61,000]"

  1. That’s cool. What’s the price of this Washing Machine?

  2. DR.ASHRAF says:

    @Zaheer Ahmed Khan – its price is 61000 soooo expensive

  3. Rizwana sajjad says:

    please make it’s price lower so as to make it beneficial for everybody.

  4. siraj says:

    its cool but its too expensive and its out of reach,so whats the use of introducing such an expensive thing :/

  5. Usman butt says:

    v expensive…

  6. Zahid Husain says:

    If I had to spend so much of money, then I would go for a Siemens machine which is of the same cost and more than a million times reliable than this made in Pakistan stuff. If the manufacturers want to make it a success they should bring its price down otherwise it is a waste!!!

  7. furqan khan says:

    it is so expensive,being living in pakistan it will be out of reach to everyone’s pockets.it must be in the access of every person so to me its price must b not more than 15000.

  8. salman says:

    how dry air and hot air is capable of removing stains?need explanation please
    clean collars?

  9. Baba says:

    my fellow is right… siemens is muc much more reliable. dawlance ki accessories kitni bhi expensive hon,,, reliability is always a issue.

  10. ch ahsan says:

    it is toooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive

  11. samrafsouls says:

    @furqan khan – 15000 mian to koi simple machien with sppinner hi mil sukti hay mery bhai yeh to fully auto matice hay ek bar kupry dalo tu bus sokhay howay hi nikalo aur h zone bhi to hay no need water just dry clean to expencive to ho gi ab baat aur hey keh mery aur tumhary renge main nahi ati koi bat naahi kabhi to aayigi ..jub yeh bhi neechay aayi gi price main ….

  12. samrafsouls says:

    @furqan khan – formola is the simple .for machine manual is with spiner 15000 , then 15000 for auto matice digital so it is 30000 , and then double it 60000 for every thing with all both techincs with H zone dery clean ,…. yeh hi formola hay dowlance ke .heheheh

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