Ecosystems are Considered to be the key for the Success of Tablet PCs

The hardware of apple might be achieved by the Competitors but competition with iPad cannot be won unless an immense ecosystem is created by them. Many experts feel that Android Operating System will become the chief OS soon. Many tablet manufacturers are worried that their systems doesn’t have a real ecosystem. Apple formed a power packed ecosystem around the devices of Apple which created a sophisticated system with good functionality. As the core OS of Apple’s iPad is centered on Operating system X, apps can be created by Apple, which is similar to Mac. By linking iPad to iTunes, movies, music and TV shows can be accessed easily by the users with just a small integrated solution.

The web browser of Apple is very powerful and it ties the iPad. If cloud-based services are launched in future, this may give a competitive edge to Apple. It might be easy for competitors to match the hardware aspect of iPad and their devices but matching with the ecosystem is really very tough.

Matching the processor of iPad is easy. The screen technology of Apple can also be matched easily. Those 9.7 inches custom screen of iPad is available from so many vendors in Asia presently. The iOS of Apple has also got many alternative that are solid like Android, Linux, Blackberry OS, MeeGo etc used in many upcoming devices.

Even the detractors of Apple have to acknowledge that the forward thinking of the company regarding App Store and iTunes gave it an edge among potential competitors. If new services and products are added into the ecosystem of Apple, it is highly difficult for its competitors to catch up with the tablet.

Nevertheless, a competitive and spirited ecosystem is emerging from Android camp of Google. Even this is providing many apps related to video, audio and music services linked to Android. However the approach of Google is completely different from that of Apple’s. There is both practical and philosophical difference. The environment of Apple appears to be closed slightly where the company is under full control. Coming to Android, it is fully open and allows users to decide their needs, where no restrictions can be seen, either on the Smartphones or on the tablets.

The philosophy of Apple makes the experience of users very simple, giving correct products at right time with correct structure in a way of “apple- like”.  Apple controls the screen content, programming conventions and user interface completely. The approach of the company is approved by many people and it is shown in the sales of the company.  Other open sources including Android leave the responsibility to the users and allow them to decide the UI and OS, with which they can work comfortably.  On the whole, the ecosystem created by Apple is very strong and with further add-ons by the company will make it even stronger and difficult to be matched by other vendors. However Google’s Android is striving to emerge as a competitor to the eco system of Apple and its try may be successful in near future.

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