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For the users of Apple iOS, fring app makes it simple to stay in touch with family and friends using instant messaging, VoIP, video chats and social networking. This app is not boasting that it can metamorphose iPad of Apple into iPhone4. It has got boring voice quality and no texting. Fring might not be a prime voice application, but is definitely a app with multi-faceted communications. Hence this app is worthy and you can undoubtedly download it.

Though setting of this app requires many steps, it is quite simple. First you need to download the app and open it after which you have to create user Id and password. Once this is done the display name should be created and you can enter the phone number, mood text, email address and a picture optionally. After this certain add-on’s can be selected like Google Talk, Address book, MSN live, SIP, ICQ , AIM 7.3, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and Twitter. After selecting, you have to sign in to any of the service, which takes you to the screen of IM where both offline and online contacts will be shown.  Icons for Dialer, Stream, profile and others are present at the interface’s bottom. Stream helps in viewing the feeds of social networking sites, Dialer is the virtual keypad which places calls, Profile is an option to change the status or the display name and other features include add-ons and call histories.

A second screen will be opened when a contact is tapped and the user has to select a method for contact.  Various methods of contacting include video chat or IM or call.  By tapping the icon of IM will allow you to chat with family and friends. The conversational view is beautiful with a colorful layout where messages appear in dual colors differentiating between your’s and your friend’s messages. The approach of frings is pleasant to eyes and easy to scan. Multiple conversations on IM can be viewed and this gives good chat interface.

Except for some muffled sound quality, live chats through fring on Google Talk are almost same as that on Truphone. The quality of call is not competing with that of Skype’s.  Calls are not allowed from the iPad by this app unlike the iPhone. Sometimes the audio doesn’t sync with the video on video chats, which may be little annoying.

Similar functions can be performed by signing into the Twitter and Facebook feeds, as that on web-based sites. The option of viewing feeds from both Twitter and Facebook is really good. One complaint is that private messages cannot be send to the friends of Facebook or twitter.

To conclude, Fring is a tool of good communication and allows you to save money on calls, where you can call for free on VoIP, except for voice quality which breaks the voice calls and has a muffled sound quality. In comparison, Skype is the best product for voice calls. On the whole, fring has good qualities and is a satisfactory multi-client IM and has good utility for social networking for iPad.

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