Hands On: THQ’s uDraw Tablet for Nintendo Wii

The new peripheral developed by Nintendo can compete with Sony and Microsoft gaming applications and also be an emerging tool to many artists. This tablet has a software called uDraw studio, with game titles namely Pictionary, Dood’s Big Adventure. One might find, using this tablet very similar to simple wireless tablet Wacom. It has remote docks for connectivity purpose and has a 4 x 6 drawing area. Whatever you draw on this tablet of 4×6 area, it will be seen on a canvas in this software. Drawing area is quite sufficient, and one can easily learn to draw using the tutorials available. Getting used to the controls is also comparatively easy and drawing into it will need little care and practice. You need to have complete control when drawing and it can only be possible after a you draw a pretty good number of sketches. People good at drawing can create wonderful work of arts using this new tool.

Once you get used to drawing, one can get to draw a good piece of art. It can be an interesting tool for the budding artist in you. One can engage themselves into it for long time as there is a lot to learn and explore in the controls. This software has a feature called ‘coloring book’, which can be used to fill colors in any drawing. Cartoons and portraits can also be done using this software. One can also draw pictures using free hand, on the artificial canvas by drawing the same on the your tablet. With many types and sizes of brushes available in the tools section, one can only get set to work on a masterpiece. There is a trigger button to switch between drawing canvas and various options like brush size, type, or canvas type to choose from. One can get a watercolor painting effect when one explores different options.

This can be used as an effective tool by the artists as well. A well-known cartoonist Jason Pyke drew aliens and pirates on the canvas with ease. And David Kassan another artist worked on this canvas to get a complicated portrait within no time. This is surely a new tool that will hold the interest of many. Drawing is not difficult and makes for a good past time. Cashing up on this idea was clever on the part of Nintendo. One can see the usefulness of this type of application for artists and other art related professionals. It cannot compete with many professional packages developed for artists, but it can do fairly well for a budding artist with a flair for drawing. Go ahead and get yourself this draw package.

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