How to Remove Facebook Sexiest Video Ever (Hotbar) Malware

Getting a fake messages and posts on your Facebook wall is nothing unusual. These fake messages or video often cause you a lot of trouble and everyone is very keen to get solutions to get rid of these fake, unwanted posts. Sometimes, when you log in to your Facebook account, you are bombarded with fake videos with a title of “Candid Camera Prank [HQ]” along with messages that “this is no doubt the sexiest video ever.”

What actually happens after clicking the video, let us have a look at it. Once you click on the video, it will ask you to allow the application permission to access user’s profile information, post walls and access to user data. Once you click on the allow button, a message appears to you that says “Thanks for the confirmation! You can continue to the video now”. On clicking the continue button, user will be prompted to update his/her FLV player. User will now prompt to install a file named VLCsetup.exe. A fake setup installer will begin to run on the user screen and fool the user to believe it is installing VideoLAN (VLC) player but instead it will in fact infect the computer with a malware or adware called Hotbar.

This matter will not stop here instead the worse thing that will happen is the same video will be posted to all your Facebook friends in the name and avatar of video watching user. In the same way the process repeats itself and the malware spread even to wider group of Facebook users.

According to Microsoft resources, Hotbar is an adware that displays a dynamic toolbar and targeted pop-up ads based on its monitoring of Web-browsing activity.The toolbar automatically installs graphical skins for internet explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express and appears in the windows explorer and Internet Explorer. The buttons on the toolbar can be changed according to the Web page and keywords on the page. If a user clicks on any button, it may open an advertiser website or paid search site. Another harmful effect of Hotbar is that it may collect the user related information and send it to its servers or silently download and run updates in the background with the knowledge of the user.

It is recommended to users that whenever you see “Sexiest Video Ever” on their walls, never attempt to click it or allow Facebook application to run on your computer. Facebook remove such rogue applications automatically after some time.

Unluckily, if you are the one who has installed the Hotbar, the good way to remove this is by running anti-virus software scan on the computer. Make sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date. Sometimes, Hotbar may add an entry in your Add and Remove Programs or Programs or Features of Control Panel. You can simply uninstall it from there. After removing the Hotbar from your system, it is suggested to change your Facebook password and also make certain that the rogue application is no longer granted any permission on the Applications Setting Page of your Facebook.

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