iBooks for iPad

Highlights: Pros – Dictionary getup with color images, clear display of pages and page-turning animation and buying process guide with review, making Bookshelf look great.  Cons – No sharing of e-books among devices, smaller book selections than Kindle and nook, No reverse text, No auto scroll and No Magazines.  Bottom Line – Though quite a few features are missing and the selection is smaller than competitors, iPad itself having some natural setbacks as an e-reader, iBooks’ bookstore and reading presentations are lovely.

Determining the worth of iBook for the iPad, compared to the other e-readers or e-book software, depends on the factor whether you want to read the books on an iPad.  The i-Pad color display and touch capabilities make the iBooks for iPad app a very efficient e-book reader, if you do not mind staring your eye staring at an LED screen.

More portability is given when the app is available for iPhones and computers offering compelling platform.  The iPad has a surprisingly pleasant to read crisp and beautiful screen image, though cannot be compared with Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook.

Getting iBooks

Initial navigation of the bookstore does not offer sub-categories below the top level, though the initial experience is smooth and intuitive and drill down is not allowed in iBook.  There are many free books available though iBook is at cost of $9.99.  The selections are in thousands compared with Kindle’s range of millions.  With Penguin, Harper Collins and Macmillan, the selection will grow quickly and surely.  Magazines and newspapers are conspicuous omissions.

Universal device interoperability, an advantageous format is not employed out of the EPUB format for e-books in their usage in iBooks.  Books purchased from the iBookstore could be placed on five computers and synced to any number of iPads.  iBooks present those books got into your iPad, in neat beautiful wooden shelves.  The list view shows the genre of the book by title, author or category.

Reading iBooks on the iPad

Reasonable options are there as you read through iBooks, like typefaces, text search or brightness from the top menu.  Bookmark, word search and Web search are options presented with the press of a control at the bottom besides jumping from pages.  Copy and Paste options are available only for limited books, which are in the public domain.  Highlighting with yellow and Bookmarking are combined.   The one characteristic is the way pages turn liked by dedicated readers, which the Kindle and Nook cannot match.

The large and heavy iPad does not allow a comfortable reading as it cannot be held for long in reading position.  Status bar at the top of the screen cannot be turned off that becomes a deal breaker.  As in Amazon Kindle, iBooks read aloud does not do an uninterrupted read of the entire book when enable Voiceover.

As an e-book, reader iPad is not advisable though this has quite a few nice features with books.  In terms of software, Apple has done a good job and the shortcomings that are prevalent in this model are likely to be eliminated in future updating.

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